UFO And Paranormal Opinions

UFO And Paranormal Opinions

From: Andrew

Why is it that all the people who claimed to have been abducted, or even just been in contact with aliens never have any proof at all. Most of them seem to be a bit weird as well. You always find out that they are / were "healers", psychics, or some other "special individual" that requires, or has no proof of these special ability's. Oh yeah, they can't be seen, that's handy. I think some of them do it just for attention. A little proof would be nice. I read time and time again. One woman said she was implanted when she was younger, took the implant out and kept it. One day she had an argument with her mum and her mum chucked all her belongings out. Yeah, how convenient. Another woman said she was an alien hybrid, experts said OK prove it, let us take you for some simple tests like a blood sample. She said no. hmmm... Come on people, we want solid PROOF.

From: Curious Guy

›What Happened To Frederick Valentich

If given the chance, how many people would truly allow themselves to be taken on the trip of a life time to another planet in a far away solar system, where there’s a whole new civilisation of beings. Would the reward of seeing and experiencing this be enough to make you take up the offer. Even if it meant you would never return to the Earth ever again, never see your friends and family ever again.. I wonder how many people would say yes, let’s do it. I don’t think there would be that many..Everyone says, yeah I would. But when it truly came to it they would most probably bottle it.

I wonder if there is anyone, past or present, that has really experienced this. I think there has been a few that have, even if it was them being taken against their will. One famous UFO encounter that I think definitely had this element was back in 1978 involving a young man called Frederick Valentich. He reported to the air traffic controller that something which didn’t look like an aircraft was following and hovering over the top of his light aircraft while he was flying over the Bass Straight in Australia. Witnesses on the ground saw this weird aircraft following Frederick Valentich’s light aircraft which they are reported to have said looked light a glowing green ball of light. Frederick Valentich also said that the craft was a shiny metal colour and had a green light. Frederick Valentich’s last words were: “it's hovering and it’s not an aircraft”.

Frederick Valentich

After this last transmission all contact was lost. Frederick Valentich and his light aircraft have never been seen again. What the hell happened to him..Search teams searched the area for around seven days but nothing was ever found. No wreckage, no body, nothing what so ever. Him and his aircraft just vanished. How is this possible? Was he taken by aliens? To another world? I get the feeling that he’s still alive somewhere out there, but not on earth.

From: Karson

My thoughts are about the underground bases located at Area 51. Having seen photo evidence and video footage of the bases at Area 51 on the net made me realise that perhaps something disastrous is going to take place soon, somewhere on earth. chemical warfare, a nuclear war, UFO invasion, man made disease, or even 2012. what other reason for building these underground bases is there, other then a predicted, planned, or long already known about world disaster.

Only selected people will be allowed to live in the underground bases, the world elite, their family's, and possibly the military. So all other people will perish. The whole world almost, minus a few thousand people. These underground bases have 10+ years food and drink supplies. They even have their own food grown down in the underground bases using hydroponics to grow things like rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables.

The people "in the know", whoever they are, are fully aware and prepared for worldwide disaster, as there are said to be 1500 of these underground bases worldwide, most are like underground city's, miles down, many miles big. How can the people that know about whats to come just be silent, why are they not telling the public and helping save them by building more of these underground bases? Cost should be no object when lives are at stake. Are these bases for real, are the videos and picture I seen for real? I would like some more information from anyone that has knowledge on this matter.

From: Thomas Byrne

I do believe in such UFOs. I have seen a lot of footage and have read a lot about these unknown UN-human people. We actually don't know when they have been discovered. The US Government has information, we don't know if they are such true believers of UFO's, US Government have been lieing from the start, conning there own people and others around the world. During the Apollo 13, America hero's first walk on the moon, spotted unusual flying trop's machine's? Now if Ur agreeing with me this is weird...

Did GOD invent these alien people, people who can live without gravity. Why or would he? We don't know. The more the year's go by the more we forget them, and other scientist government's etc, work tirelessly without still knowing what they are, where do they come from. Are they are friend's? did they live before us? we're they here before us...

As I was saying. by in 1940's - 80's 90's < those year's 80's 90's, UFOS we're seen up in the air. It could be fake or real footage. I've seen on the UK news on the net, two boy's seen a UFO spotting a light in a graveyard. Aliens were saying to the two boy's' I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME. weird and odd. however, we don't know if that's true. could I or you make anything up just to make money and history, is our government's lying to us, just for there talent for lying or  love of money, we don't know the truth? What will happen to us if we die? Is GOD really a positive alien, I don't think so? But GOD could of made life to live everywhere. but to live in such different way's, UFOs could think about this the same with us, maybe GOD is sending them for us to discover. I believe some people might believe in GOD and UFOS, I'm not 100 % clear, the more i forgot UFOs the more it more stories come back, maybe GOD doesn't think the time is right yet for us to see him, and us to see these alien people in REALITY....

From: ?

I was watching a UFO documentary the other day, a long one! 38 parts of 10 minutes on Youtube. One of the story's was unreal, or should I rephrase that to amazing..A pilot was abducted by aliens, never to be seen again. A pilot named Frederick Valentich was on a flight in a light aircraft in Australia, he reported seeing lights in the sky, then he mentioned over radio contact with Air Traffic Control that a huge unidentified aircraft of some type was flying over the top of him and playing with him. Flying on top of him with a green light. He went on to say it wasn't an aircraft that was pestering him, but something else, unexplainable. 

Witnesses on the ground seen this UFO object flying above the plane, heading towards the sea at an angle as if it was going to crash. The witnesses lost track of the plane and UFO because of the mountains they both went behind blocked the witnesses view. Searches were carried out to find Frederick Valentich and his aircraft but neither was ever found, never seen again! If the aircraft had crashed there would have been debris from the aircraft, Frederick Valentich's body, or something at least. Nothing at all was ever found. How strange is that. What the hell happened to him and his plane..

Search crews and police searched for seven days to find Frederick Valentich. Why didn't they search for longer. Its alarming, but very valid to think that Frederick Valentich was abducted by the UFO and taken away to an alien planet. What other explanation can their be? I wonder what he saw? Or if he is still alive today? This has to be the craziest UFO story I have ever come across. Frederick Valentich's family deserve to know what happened or where he was taken. I bet the world rulers know more then they let on about this. They know what happened, what it was, where it was from.


Moneys Over rated said...

I heard Valentich done a vanishing act on purpose.. But how do they explain what the witnesses saw above his light airplane. A green ball of light that looked to be stalking - playing with him. Witnesses were credible. A family, husband, wife and kids.

Zygmunt Adamski Case Solved? said...

How did Zygmunt Adamski, a Polish man, 56 years old, end up dead and dumped on top of a coal mound 30 miles from his house. Zygmunt Adamski was last seen five days before his body was found. He went out to the shop to buy a bag of potatoes close to his home in Tinlgey, Leeds, UK and just never returned home.

Add to the mystery that when he was found he was partly clothed, wearing a jacket but no other top garment. Another very strange thing about this case is that Zygmunt was found to have a corrosive liquid on his scalp, head, and neck that to this day can not be identifed by an lab or testing center. Was this a UFO abduction?

The cause of death was ruled as a heart attack. However, the coroner stated that this was the most mysterious death he had ever investigated.

Sounds strange doesn't it. But follow the link to read how this cases could well be solved. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1018462/pg1

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