Saturday, 10 May 2008

Submit Your UFO Or Paranormal Story

Submit Your UFO Or Paranormal Story

You can send in a story, comment or opinion on any of the subjects on this website. Just make it clear what subject your story or comment is about and it will appear on the appropriate page. Feel free to send us pictures or footage.  You can either leave a comment on one of the pages, fill out the form or make contact by email:


Anonymous said...

Not wanting to add a sighting. But I did want to say I seen a UFO. It was multi-colored and the colors were moving erratically. Mostly red.

Anonymous said...

Why did you change the layout?

12vn said...

Hi, the layout was changed because the last one had become really slow to load. There was a bit too much Java code loading on the back end which made the site pretty slow for visitors. This new layout is using a default blogger theme which is much lighter code wise, and much faster to load. Hopefully visitors will feel the difference and have a better experience when using the site. Thanks.

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