Report A UFO Sighting

Seen something strange and unexplainable in the sky? Had a UFO or Paranormal experience. We would like to know about it.

If you want to share your story and have it added to this website and also shared through our social media channels just click here and fill out a quick report form. The form requires no personal details to be entered what so ever, so you can report a sighting or story anonymously if you like. Email:

Once you report your UFO sighting it will then be added to the website within 48 hours.

All submitted details such as email addresses, names and locations will be kept in the strictest of confidence unless instructed otherwise by the sender of the story.

We also accept story's and material about paranormal experiences like Alien abductions, Ghost sightings, strange occurrence's and all things mysterious.

We have a particularly strong interest in Alien abductions, alien contact, and alien implants. You are most welcome to send us your pictures, videos, story's and experiences about all related subjects.

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