Possible UFO Abduction Story

Possible UFO Abduction Story

It must have been about 2 o’ clock at night as I went for my daily run. As I ran and ran, I started to feel a stitch in my neck which just wouldn’t stop no matter how long I sat down, at this point I was contemplating finding the nearest person and phoning an ambulance as I didn’t have a mobile phone on me, I thought I was going to die, the pain was that strong.

At this point I fell to the floor and just stared up at the blank night sky. I had really give up trying to move because my whole body felt cramped with pain, I had noticed a bright light in the sky before but had just thought it was a very bright star, but this was no ordinary star, it was increasingly getting bigger and bigger by the second, and my pain also was getting worse and worse. I tried to get up and crawl away but it just seemed to follow every direction I went to, this is when it must have got close enough to jump up and touch. It was so hot my face felt as if it was burning of the abnormal heat coming off it. I actually felt so scared I must have passed out and woke up hours later.

I felt sick but I still walked home with no pain or burns, I tried to sell my story to a paper but they was not interested and to this day me and close family are the only ones who know this story. I really do not know if I was hallucinating or if it really was a UFO, but whatever it was, It scared the hell out of me!!

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