Moth Man

Mothman, described as half-man, half-bird and said to be one of the most terrifying creatures ever to walk the earth. Point Pleasant in West Virginia was a scary place to be in the 1960's.

Said to be the size of a big man 6ft plus with wings. Several people have seen this creature. It is said that moth man played a part in the collapse of Silver Bridge which killed 46 people (though that has never been proven). He has also been linked to quite a few other world wide tragedy's-but never proven.

Mothman was said to of been one of the most scariest creatures ever to prowl the earth. Mothman was most active in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960's, where many people claim to have seen Mothman, which was said by witnesses to be the size of a big man with wings and red eyes.

Five men working in a graveyard reportedly seen a large brown creature flew over their heads from a nearby bunch of trees.

Not long after (days) two couples driving past an abandoned munitions plant (left over from World War II) when they allegedly seen something shaped like a man, but said to be huge, 7 feet tall with huge eyes and what appeared to be wings folded on its back. They got away, or they thought. It chased after them as they made their get away in the car!

Over that same week many sightings were reported. The press got to hear about this and a legend was born. A writer named John Keel went to the Point Pleasant area in December and started gathering information about the strange goings- on. He went on to write the book The Mothman Prophecies. Then the film was made years later starring Richard Geer.

The amount of sightings of the mothman became so widespread that many people really do believe that the moth man was real. Sightings lasted about a year at Point Pleasant, then all of a sudden stopped. which baffled many people searching for the answer to what this thing was. Whatever it was it was scary as hell. And if it's not in Point Pleasant anymore..Where is it stalking now, if still alive...I'm sure that if it had died, wouldn't someone of found the remains by now? Maybe it was not from this earth.. We may never know. But I believe in one thing, and that is, this thing, whatever it was - did exist.

Mothman Statue

The video below is an interview with Marcella Bennet. She actually had a scary encounter with the Mothman in 1966. Marcella is just one of the people to see the Mothman first hand. Imagine how scared you would be coming face to face with a creature like the Mothman, and it's staring straight at YOU!

A Great video below of the mothman. This interesting video tells the story of the mothman from start to finish. This video asks, what was the mothman, and why did the mothman sightings suddenly end in Point Pleasant after the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed 46 people.

Video Credit: Mysterious Planet


Anonymous said...

love the MOTHMAN!

j said...

Government experiment gone wrong maybe?

Calvin said...

Wasn't their some video going around showing what looked like the Mothman flying near the twin towers while it was burning? Does anyone have a link for that

Anonymous said...

The Twin Towers sighting was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Mothmans out there somewhere

Anonymous said...

some say they saw a winged man 5 minutes before the first plane carashed into the north tower it is almost like he was trying to warn us... strange

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