Men In Black Are They Aliens

Men In Black

Men in black, also known as " The silencers" to some people, are known to visit homes of people to talk and even harass and intimidate them on there claims of seeing UFOs. Men in black are known to try and convince you that what you saw has a logical explanation. Men in black (MIB) are known to wear conventional black suits, white shirts and black ties. Many people that have had a visit from the MIB claim they looked quite uncomfortable, as if they were not used to wearing the clothes they were in. The clothes themselves seemed to be brand new in condition but were strangely old fashioned for the present time.

Other strange facts about the men in black include many people saying they had a strange surreal quality about them. Even their cars are said to be extremely brand new, but the actual car makes and models where quite dated ( mostly said to be a Cadillac in America, but never a new model ). Even the number plates of their cars, when checked where found to have never been issued. The clothes also were so dated that it would have been very hard to source them from a store or outlet.

The men in black are also said to be of a slightly foreign appearance, mainly oriental:, slanted eyes have been a trait talked about by many witnesses, heavily tanned skin is another thing many witnesses claim. Expressionless smiles have also been widely reported, as if they were possibly aliens that took on a human form. One person that had a visit from the men in black claimed the MIB that came to visit him were wearing bright lipstick!

The men in black are also known to have threatened with violence and many of the people that had a visit from MIB claim they did not appear human in many ways. Many people also report outdated speech, like that in the early gangster movies, also their clothing was very similar. Many of the threats also sounded like cliches that have been heard in the early movies, as if the MIB were using an outdated script of some kind.

Witnesses of UFOs or Aliens also claim that the MIB turned up too quickly after a UFO incident, it was just not possible for any authorities to have heard about the encounter so quickly yet the MIB were at their front door. Who are these people?

The government say they do not send anyone to visit people who have had a UFO or alien encounter, and when checks are carried out to try to find out what organisation these people came from, nothing has ever been found. It's like they are imposter's from another time and place, but why? Why would they try to convince people that what they saw was nothing out of the ordinary, specially if the MIB are not from any government organisation from earth.

The MIB are trying to hide something that's for sure. Doesn't that tell us that there really is such thing as UFOs and aliens? I think it does tell us there is something that most people do not understand. Possibly that most UFOs are actually demonic spirits / beings.Why try to convince people they didn't see a UFO if there is nothing to hide and no such thing.. Are they MIB demonic beings themselves that can shape shift into human form..Who knows for sure, but it certainly give us a lot to think about. The possibility's are interesting. I think ones things for sure, we know so very little about UFOs, Aliens, and Demons that anything really is possible in this Matrix we call the Universe..


Anonymous said...

wearing lipstick lmao its like they from the matrix or somthin

Anonymous said...

timetravellers - dimension shifters

uyf said...

CIA operatives>>?? Like the alien man bodyguard for obama

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