Is a Secret Base In Dulce New Mexico

Is There a Secret Base In Dulce New Mexico

Has there been a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico for many years? Many people believe so. This base is said to be housed inside a mountain which is miles wide in diameter. Many strange and unexplained things have happened in and around the Dulce area. Cattle mutilations, countless UFO sightings, Black Government looking helicopters patrolling the area, and a very high rate of missing people. Put all this together and it's safe to say, something strange is going on in Dulce, New Mexico.

The video below will give you the full story on the weird events past and present that have taken place. There are also witnesses who have come forward that claim to have worked inside this secret base and they say that in the Dulce base there are real aliens working along side humans. The video will explain all. Enjoy!

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