I Seen A UFO Hovering On 14th May 2012

I Seen A UFO Hovering On 14th May 2012 - UFO Sighting Story

I was trying to get to sleep but I couldn’t. I have been in a bad routine for about a year, not going to bed until 4 or 5am. But after putting in some effort I ended up getting a job. I was happy at getting the job but knew I would have a hard time for a week or two adjusting to a normal routine. So there I am trying to sleep with my first day at work looming in the morning. I could not sleep at all. I surrendered to the fact that I might have to go to work without a wink of sleep. I was OK with this because I would do the day and then get an early night after my first days work. If I can sleep :{

So I’m in bed trying to sleep and I can’t so it’s getting me really angry. I ended up tossing and turning all night, getting hot and bothered. Finally at about 3am I was hot again so got up to open the window. I ended up looking out of the window for a few seconds. This is when I saw the strangest flying object I have ever seen. It was black and completely stationary, hovering over one spot in the air. No noise what so ever. I opened the window as well so I would have heard if it had an earthly engine. It did not.

Every now and then white lights would twinkle. The lights were not like aircraft lights, they were like nothing I’ve seen before. I can’t explain them very well but they reminded me of disco lights but all of them were white. Nothing that I know of can hover making no noise for 10 minutes like this UFO did. The UFO was like a flat dome shape.

The UFO could have been a government project for all I know because they do say that the government are hiding technology from the world and might be far more advanced then we believe them to be. I don’t think it was man made technology. It looked like an alien craft to me. The way it sat there for about 10 minutes then moved slowly out of view was alien. It was hovering over a neighbouring road to where I live. Say about 4 roads over from mine. I haven’t a clue what interest it would have being there. Do you think it could of been trying to abduct someone?

I live in West Lothian

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bored said...

I want to see a UFO!

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