I Must Have Been Abducted By Aliens

I don't want to be identified. I think I was abducted in my sleep but I'm to scared to confront the truth. Or what I think is the truth. Hypnosis has entered my mind as something I should explore. So far I have not done anything. What I experienced was while I was sleeping in bed but I wasn't dreaming. It was real.

I woke up as I was being carried through my house by an unknown force. I was floating off the floor at around waist height through my house. I could not move, like something had paralysed me from struggling or getting away. I didn't know what the hell was going on. I was afraid, even terrified, although everything was numb, even my emotions seemed dumbed down.

Next thing I know I'm in my back yard facing this big black thing. It was like an overgrown egg plant sitting there suspended in mid air making no noise. Lights were twinkling on the sides of this UFO, they grew bigger and bigger until I was bathed in bright light. Without taking any steps forward or with no ladder and tripod like you see in the movies that show abductions I was inside the UFO. It was bigger then it looked from the outside. I observed a procedure taking place on another person. Some middle aged guy with a beer belly was  being nose probed. A long metal instrument was forced up his nose and I immediately thought they were trying to place something in his brain, or close to it.

These aliens were like big insects. They were like the cross between a moth without wings, a praying mantis, and a human. Frightening to look at. The fat man was knocked out. I don't if they sedated him or what but he had no clue to what was going on. So why was I allowed to watch all this? I haven't got the foggiest idea.

Me. What did they do to me. Nothing, as far as I can fully remember. I don't know for sure because I woke up in my bed. They could have done anything to me. I could of been nosed probed for all I know. Since this night I have been suffering from occasional head aches and memory flash backs of my abduction. The flash backs scare me because I see myself in the position that the fat guy was in, being examined and operated on.

I now know, but am reluctant to fully take on board that more happened to me then I remember. I think I may be implanted with something. Where in my body I don't know for sure but the headaches, what I saw happening to the fat guy, and the flash backs make me think it's something planted inside my head. Ive moved house since this happened to me in the hope that they won't be able to find me if they come for me again. I know if I'm implanted then it's probably impossible to escape. I ask myself all the time why me. What have I got, what makes me so special. I have no answers, maybe it's a random process. I feel powerless if they return because last time I could not move to defend myself or run away.

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