Ghosts Unexplained Paranormal Storys

Ghosts Unexplained Paranormal Story's

These story's are from people who have had real experiences that they want to share. Anything regarding Ghosts, Paranormal Activity, and Unexplained Phenomenon. Please feel free to send in your story using the post a UFO story page, and if the subject of your story is relevant to this page it will appear here within a few days.

Stumbled upon this page searching for ghosts in Birmingham on Google. About 10 years ago I was with a friend walking down a place called the severn valleys opposite Castle Vale. I seen a man standing on the opposite side of the train tracks that me and my friend were walking along side in full Scottish tartan gear. He had on a kilt, the hat, the boots, the jacket, and was holding a bagpipe. This is a pretty strange thing to see down the vale because it's hundreds of miles away from Scotland! I said to my friend, look at that man, but my friend never paid much attention. Could it be that only I could see him..

The man in the Scottish uniform never acknowledged me at all, his expression was blank, and why the hell was he facing the train tracks that looked out to nowhere except fields..He did have the blower pipe of the bagpipe in his mouth but there was no noise at all. I don't know if this was a ghost or not because it seemed so real, like he really was there. Just after we passed him I looked back to see what he was doing and he was gone. I don't know where he could have just vanished to because I would have been able to see him as there wasn't much cover for someone to just run quick and hide. Has anyone else seen this man? Is he just a local guy from Castle Vale that used to live in Scotland or something? Or was it really a ghost.. I'd love to find out. This is a true story. Have you seen the same thing.

From: Krishna

This is summer when incident happened at night. probably because we use to sleep at the top stairs at night due to the heavy heat inside the house where we stay and me n dad used to sleep at the top of the building often till the summer season goes off. But one day at around 11;00 clock night my dad had gone down for the washroom. Read more.

Did I See A Ghost

When I was around 9 years old (22 years ago) I ran away from home for the day so that I could go to Stechford fair with no money and just look around lol. Me and a mate spent the whole day and night at the fair with no money then made our way home. On the way home late at night, late for a 9 year old, we were walking down Coleshill road heading towards Hodge Hill Common. Just before we got to the common fields there used to be a big old house. I'm not sure what used to go on there but it was a scary old house that had been there abandoned for a long time. In the front garden of this house there used to be a plaque that said in writing an evil poem written in old English style wording.

Anyway, as we were passing this house at about 10pm I looked at the upstairs window which was facing the main road (Coleshill Road) and I swear to god there was a man (figure) dressed in a big white gown just standing in front of this window with his arms stretched out. He looked like he had longish hair, and behind him was totally illuminated in light. The whole room was lit up. Remember, this was a derelict house that had been abandoned for many years before this incident. No electricity. The room was lit up very brightly and the man in white was just standing in front of the window facing the main road with his arms out to his sides..What the hell is all that about? The reason for me sending in this story to here is because other people must have seen this strange incident because this house was on the main road, and I remember cars were driving past. The house and more importantly, the front upstairs window where the man was standing, were DIRECTLY in the view of oncoming cars, so they would have seen it all. Was the man in white trying to mimic a ghost or even Jesus! That's what it looked like..

From: Scotlan

The fear suddenly enveloped my senses, and immediately my first thought was to wake my sister up who was sleeping on the floor next to me. I couldn't move, frozen in fear! I pulled the covers over my head and there I laid sweating until I fell asleep.

From: Anonymous

I was waiting for the bus when I seen two men coming out the hospital door. One looked normal, but the other looked gray, even when he walked out in the sun. he had grey hair, gray skin and gray eyes. I have never seen any other person like that. I would like to know what who this gray man is? Yes the two men were talking to each other.

From: Anon

First of all, I'm posting this with the hope I'll find others who have had an experience such as mine! I was 12 or 13 laying in bed wide awake thinking of a grandfather who had then recently passed away. Suddenly my bedroom door opens and a figure of an intense white blue light hovers onto the doorway. Frozen with fear I hear the entity in my mind say" it's OK, I needn't be scared I'm a friend...seconds which felt like minutes when by when again the entity explains, it will be coming back for me later...with that it floats out the room as it came in! I grew up in a religious family and immediately ran to my mother crying with conviction I'd just seen who I thought was Jesus.

I think that I've understood what this has all meant...Please, there has to be others!

Antonio - Essex, UK

It was a quiet night while I was on my way home from a mates house after a BBQ. Walking down a country lane alone I noticed two figures in the distance. They looked like two very tall guys dressed in all in one suites like white overalls. They were just standing still, side by side. They didn't notice me coming until I was about 50 yards away, but then when they seen me one said something to the other and they both jumped over the very high hedge without even taking a run up. The hedge is thick as well, and these guys jumped it clear. They flew over from a standing start.

I'm talking about a 7 Foot plus in height and 3 Feet WIDE hedge. What I seen these tall guys do was impossible. No human can jump that high, and without running too. As soon as I seen this I ran towards where they were standing before they jumped, this was the way I was walking home to begin with. I didn't stop running until I got to the road where I live. I never seen them again. I'm not really a believer of UFOs or aliens but after this event I know there has to be something else out there because these guys were not human. They looked like very tall human figures in white but theres no way any human can do that jump they did, and the way they did it. I'm 6' 1 and they were much taller then me.

Tommy Finch, West Midlands, UK

When I was a younger lad growing up on the Castle Vale Estate, we used to hang about in gangs and that. Around the area there was a women who's name was Jackie, we used to call her Jackie the witch because she was into mad stuff like spells, tarot cards, witchcraft, things like that. She used to wear a 5 pointed star ring and pendant on a chain. People used to say there was something to it all, and she did have some sort of magic powers. ~Jackie the witch had a daughter who was around the same age as me and my mates, so she used to hang about with us a lot.

One weekend she was having a party at her house, so we all went round there doing mad things, getting hammered and having a laff. One of the lads was off his head and started messing about with a crazy looking painting on the wall that was said to be cursed. It had a skull and 5 pointed stars on it. It was well weired. This lad was warned by Jackie the witch not to keep messing about, poking this painting. He was hammered and wouldn't stop. She warned him again and said, if you damage that painting you will get bad luck, something bad will happen to you. Well, he didn't listen and ended up stabbing a hole through the painting. The same night he was dead.

The cause of his death was a drug overdose, but everyone thought there was more to it then that, and that him stabbing the weird painting made his death happen. Jackie the witch went on to have baby twins, one girl one boy, and they were a strange pair. They could set off car alarms without doing anything, not just one alarm, but a whole street row of cars. Jackie the witch was very accurate at telling people what was going to happen to them in their lives-good stuff and bad..Does anyone know what type of power she has? Is it witchcraft? Black Magic?

From: Pam

My mom had loads of meetings with ghosts, or shall I say experiences. They all happened when I was young. We lived in an area called Alum Rock. We lived at 51 Alum Rock Road. At that time I was the youngest of four children, my mom had one more girl when we moved from Alum Rock to Castle Bromwhich. Anyway, I would love to know the history of Alum rock Road, in particular 51 Alum Rock Road which was directly opposite the old cinema that was changed to a Bingo hall on Alum Rock Road. It's now been knocked down. I would love to know what the land that my old house was built on used to be..My guess is that it could of been a graveyard / cemetery. I have been to local library's, search the Internet, but it's all no good.

Just one of the ghosts my mom seen was a man with curly hair wearing a cloak in our front room / dining room. Another weird one was when my mom found herself possessed by a strange feeling that made her go outside in the early hours of the morning into the garden. When she finally got herself back and realised where she was, she thought "what am I doing here", scared to bits she ran back in the house. Another one was when my mom was in bed asleep and was awoken to find "something" on top of her, she said it felt like a person. She was under covers terrified to look up. Terrified, she never did look up and after a while it went away. Another one was when the house was filled with the most scariest, deep, ghost cry thudding noise my mom said she's ever heard. She tried to wake my dad up, but he had been out drinking all day, and was now out cold, there was no way he was waking up for anything. She said the noise coming from inside the house was terrifying.

This is an encounter that I experienced myself. We were all outside playing in the back garden, no one was in the house, everyone was out side. Within approx 40 minutes of being outside all the plates and cups that were in a holder started shaking violently on there own. We could all hear it from outside. Straight away we went into the kitchen only to me met with the last few seconds of the whole lot of the cups and plates shaking on there own, then they just stopped on their own while I was looking at them. I witnessed this with my own eyes. This was without doubt some kind of ghost or spirit. Unless theres an invisible man that popped round for a cup of tea and got angry because he had to make his own, there is no other explanation for this event.

My mom experienced a lot of other ghost contact, I'm just telling you a few off the top of my head. My mom is the sort of person to just never say anything about her experiences unless you pester her into telling you. I believe ghosts reveal themselves to certain people, not sure why, or what type of person in particular. I believe my mom is one of these people.

Something horrible used to take place on the land where 51 Alum Rock Road was built, maybe hundreds of years ago. I'm not sure what but I would love to find out. Either that or it was a graveyard / cemetery. When we moved out of the house, we would still travel past it now and again on the bus. It was on a main road (Alum Rock Road), part of the bus route to get to the city centre. Every time me or someone in my family went past that house it was empty. On a few occasions it wasn't empty, but within a small amount of time it was empty again.. Did the people that lived there also experience strange things and thought " were out of here". I think so.

It seemed to me like when we moved out no one would live there. It was a huge house too, slap bang in the middle of an area with a huge Asian community. You would of thought if a house that size was sitting there vacant they would of moved a family in there very quickly. The house sat empty for years, and one time, about 8 - 9 years ago, I was passing by the house on the bus going into town, and I got the urge to want to go into the house an have a look around, bring back some childhood memory's etc, I was born in this house and hadn't been there since I was a kid. When I got in there everything seemed smaller because I was grown up now. The house was derelict, the front door was wide open, and it was clear that the house was being used by druggies as a drug den. There was needles, tin foil, crack bottles, trash everywhere etc. Quite disappointing to see in a way.

The house was knocked down about 1 year ago and the land is now a car park..A nice big house in a deprived area where people are crying out for accommodation, knocked down to make a car park..Draw your own conclusions. I wonder, even with the house now gone, is the land still haunted..

Possible Extraterrestrial Sighting

I know that most people will not believe a word I say, but I am not bothered, I know what I saw and I have the proof. On Thursday morning (03-03-2011) I was walking through Cannon Hill Park, Russell Road, Moseley, Birmingham, in the West Midlands where I live. I was on my way to an appointment, the weather was very sunny but chilly, the time was 9-30 am. I was just walking minding my own business when I noticed a very peculiar looking creature lurking near some bushes. The thing was roughly 20 meters away and was just lurking around very close to some bushes, it looked nervous and frightened and worried and was looking around as though it didn't know what to do. I could not believe what I was seeing, I was not scared or frightened, my heart was beating a bit fast and I felt a bit shaky, but more than anything I could just not believe what I was seeing, I looked around to see if anyone else was around but there was no one around. Read more.

UFO Sighting Story

It could move forward-backward, any direction it wanted to. Even the best fighter jets in the world can't reverse in mid air. The ability to move in any direction this thing had was shocking. We watched in amazement for easily 15 minutes. And at one point we both said "Bang" at the same time because it landed! Then came back up again instantly. After a while it was drifting so far away our eyes just weren't able to follow it anymore. From that day on we swore we had both seen a UFO What else could it have been? Read more.

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Alum Rock Road! I know where number 51 was. Opposite the bingo and saltley market.

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