Eliminating Alien Abduction Implants

How To Eliminate Alien Abduction Implants

It can be a tough process finding a professional surgeon or doctor to consider removing an alien implant. This is because the whole alien implants and abduction phenomenon is still very much in the dark to the masses of the general public. The whole subject is mostly shunned upon as nonsense by most of the leading governing bodies.

Alien implants come in quite a few different shapes and sizes. Most implants show no point of entry on the skins surface, and some will be able to be felt under the skin when the affected implant area is touched on the surface. Others might need to be X-Rayed or scanned before they are visible. Some are fairly large and some are very small. So do you really have an alien implant? Unless you have a recollection of an abduction experience, lumps under the skin can be a whole range of normal medical conditions. Cysts, Abscess, a harmless growth, lymph gland inflammation , boils, warts, or swelling from a knock or a fall. These can be some of the common explanations for a lump or irritation under the skin. So if you believe that you have an alien implant it's important that you have experienced an abduction related event and possibly even have symptoms to back up your belief that what is under your skin is an alien implant. Do you have complete belief, due to your abduction experience, that there's no doubt it's an embedded object of extraterrestrial origin.

While many people are still asleep to the fact that aliens exist, and that implants are real, the best method is to be secretive about your suspected implant so you don’t bring attention to yourself and the fact that what you have under your skin is, what you believe to be, an alien implant. Obviously, if you can get the implant removal procedure done by a professional who is fully aware of the alien phenomenon then you would be encouraged to tell the whole truth about your experience without the worry of being judged as crazy.

Doctors and surgeons that are familiar with alien implants are few and far between. There's literally a handful worldwide. The most well known being Dr Leir who resides in the USA. I believe at this moment he is ill so any attempt to contact him in order to get your implant removed may be far down an already long list of potential patients waiting for the same treatment. We wish Dr. Leir all the best and a speedy recovery.

The alternative to seeing an implant expert like Dr Leir is to make an appointment to see your normal doctor. Don't mention anything about aliens or implants. Just go down to your doctor and show him the lump or area and say you want to get it looked at by the hospital. If you don't have a lump but are sure there is an object that has been embedded under the skin then the same applies in terms of going to your regular doctor and following the procedure below.

Picture: The Most Common Alien Implanted Object

Best procedure for eliminating Alien Implants?

If the affected area has gradually started hurting, irritating, or concerning you more and more, and your now a little worried of what it might be make sure to express your feelings fully to your doctor. Tell your doctor that you want to get it looked at or removed by a surgeon because its concerning you. Your doctor will then most probably refer you to your local hospital and you will recieve a date by phone or post of when to attend. When your appointment date comes around the hospital will do a series of tests to try and determine what the lump (object) is. A decision will be made, depending on the findings of the tests, what the removal procedure should be, if any. The hospital might tell you it's a harmless lump or object and it won't do you any damage if you just leave it alone. Or they may say it would be better for it to be removed, especially if the lump or object is causing you discomfort.

Depending on where in the body the lump (object) is, fingers are top of the list, you might be able to get the lump or object removed on that very day. This decision can depend highly on how deep under the skin the implanted object is. However, most hospitals will give you a future appointment to re-attend to have the lump or object removed. Before the hospital starts the removal procedure make it known that you want to see the item, if it is an actual object, that was causing the lump or discomfort because you want to keep it as a souvenir. Most hospitals have no problem with this request and it's something that many people ask for. From Gallstones, to teeth, to objects under the skin. People regularly keep them.

On rare occasions the hospital might want to keep the item in order to run some tests if it looks suspicious or unexplained. This does not necessarily mean that a real alien implant would be something of concern to the doctors because most doctors, if not all except specialists in this field, don't know what an implant looks like. The doctors will most probably say it's a piece of gravel that got under your skin. That's if you have the specific alien implant pictured on this page. If the hospital does want to run some tests on the object that could take a few weeks. Then after the tests are complete you can request to have the item back. It is technically yours. Once you have the item back you can take it to be tested at a laboratory, many university’s will test items for you if you contact them and take it along. Then once the test results come back you will know for sure if your embedded object was in fact an alien implant. Got proof that you were the victim of an alien implant?


lazulie said...

I wonder, does Dr.Leir charge patients for removal of implants? Or is that a silly question lol....

If he does charge how much is it?

roma said...

how to get help for alien abduction and implants

X-ray said...

Looking for a database or website that has catalogued all Implants ever taken out of humans. Does such a place exist on the net?

Anonymous said...

Getting a removed implant to "power up" so to speak is the ultimate goal. Scientists should put an implant under observation with the ability to detect energy or electric current coming from one. They have to give off some energy if aliens make a connection with one thinking its still inside the victim..

Anonymous said...

Dr.Leir has died. RIP.

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