Chupacabra is Spanish for the term chupar: to suck cabra: goat; goat sucker.

Much mystery surrounds this creature. Was it real at all? This animal belongs to the criptids family.

Many reports but never proven scientifically, despite the large number of reported cryptids, most have not been proven, and many have been debunked through thorough scientific investigation by both cryptozoologists and zoologists. The first reported sighting of the strange creature was in 1995 , and was last spotted in 2008! This animal is known for killing livestock by sucking their blood. Even as far as Russia have had cases of this. In one case, as many as 30 Sheep sucked dry for all their blood. Said to be dog like or reptile looking in appearance by some witnesses, while others have said it looked like no dog they had ever seen. The Chupacabra is known to hiss and screech when alarmed, When it screeches, some reports note that the chupacabra's eyes glow an unusual red, that gives the eye witnesses nausea. Not something you want to encounter when walking home from the pub late at night.

Chupacabra? Or some other strange creature..Does anyone know more about this picture?

The Chupacabra is also known to change colours like a chameleon. He is also known to fly or leap over twenty feet in a single jump according to some witnesses. He has shown intelligent behaviour and possesses some impressive skills of remaining undetectable. These skills have presumably helped them to escape captivity and avoid instances of close contact with people. Unlucky for the one pictured below. Hit by a car.

Dead Chupacabra? Or just a Xoloitzcuintli "Mexican hairless"Dog?

 Chupacabra Sighting In Tuscon, AZ 2012? Take a look

Much speculation surrounds the Chupacabra. Almost all sightings differ in appearance. Many people believe the Chupacabra is a combination of dog and another animal, such as a Coyote, but other reports have said the Chupacabra was the size of a man. The Chupacabra remains a mystery.

The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is an animal that is said to not be known to human science, and is systemically killing animals in places like Puerto Rico, Miami, Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico. The "things" name originated with the discovery of some dead goats in Puerto Rico with puncture wounds in their necks and their blood said to be drained. According to UFO Magazine there have been more than 2,000 reported cases of animal mutilations in Puerto Rico attributed to the chupacabra.

The authorities in Puerto Rico state that the attacks could be from stray dogs or bigger, more exotic animals like the panther. They have also said it could be a human that belongs to a religious cult. I sense a cover up here.

I think the chupacabra is a cross of two animals.

The genetic analysis has revealed that the blood is no way compatible with human blood or with any animal species known to science in our world!. The traces ratio of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium are incompatible with those of normal human blood, they are much too high. The albumen/glouline [RG ratio] was also incompatible. The ratios found do not allow the results of the analysis to be compatible with those of any known animal species.

At the moment, we can't place the sample with any organism with our earth. So it could well be the product of a highly sophisticated genetic manipulation, an organism alien to our own environment or perhaps extraterrestrial.

Chupacabra Sighting Storys And Comments

From: Abu kassim Adam

In 1988, then I was 10-11 yrs. We were in our home town southwest of Nigeria, Edo state 4 a one year stay. It bout this chupacabra. . . It attack live stock but nobody seem to know what it was. I've neva seen it though if not for today 12th feb 2011 on this site. But then we use to see its foot prints, not very big but horrible from how it looks on the ground. It kills dogs too. I believe its the chupacabra from the details here on this site. It operates from 12am till dawn. Some said they saw it then. But i neva did. I search on google image today for "animal that attacks goats and dog" I saw the dead one shot in kentucky. The claws from the picture is the same with the footprint we use to see on the ground in 1988. That thing destroys. We call it 'the spirit' in our language cos of the way it operates. . .!

From: Jono

I don't think any picture or video on this website and on most of the Internet are the real Chupacabra. Most of the footage and photos out there are of a dog like animal. It's meant to be much bigger then that. Like the size of a man on four legs. Then again I could be wrong. And if it's a cross between a dog and a Coyote then why does it have no hair? And why was it's blood tested by labs (written on this page) and found to be extraterrestrial? Dog and Coyote aren't from space..Strange.

Chupacabra News

A Woman that claims to have seen a Chupacabra mauling a domestic animal has said the strange creature looked similar to a Kangaroo with huge teeth and bright red eyes.

The strange storys of the Chupacabra, or a blood sucker, started in Puerto-Rico mountains in 1995. Some unknown creature was killing cattle in the town of Canovanas and its outer areas by sucking all of their blood. When farmers found dead animals it turned out they had been drained of all their blood. It seemed as if their blood had been sucked out through one or two tiny fang wounds. A local veterinary examined a few dead animals and came to the conclusion that the wounds,which were of a straw diameter and from three to five inches long were from fangs. The deaths of domestic animals were really strange and spread panic over the area in late 1995.

Another eyewitness from Canovanas, Misael Negron, said the creature was “near four feet high. It had Rhino skin, bright red eyes of a huge size, long fang-like teeth and thorns on the back of the head and all along the back.” The strange creature attacked the man's goat. Similar incidents occurred to many other citizens of the area.

In November, word about the strange creature spread outside Puerto-Rico. Luis Guadalupe described the beast as “ugly as a demon and flying in the air.” The man also added that the strange creature had a pointed tongue like that of a snake. What was this strange creature? Some people said domesticated animals were attacked by wild dogs, vampires or even a devil. Other people believe it was an extraterrestrial being, not of this earth.

Puerto-Rico has been the center of UFO sightings for a very long time. It was rumored about USA's secret army bases and strange lights in the sky. What was happening in Puerto-Rico? Is it just a coincidence that Aresibo observatory is situated in the northern part of the island? One thing is for sure that storys and fears will be spreading world wide until the strange mystery is fully solved.

Some witnesses have said that they could smell sulfur when the Chupacabra was present. Eyewitness Madelyne Tolentino said: “The strange creature was jumping like a kangaroo, and it smelled like sulfur.” In some claims the creature demonstrated its supernatural strength. People said that once it pulled down a heavy metal gate of 16 to 14 feet in size to get to the lock up where animals were kept. It was supposed that the smell of the strange creature was possibly the instrument making animals motionless so the Chupacabra could suck them dry.

In some cases not only animals but even people fell prey to this strange creature. Angel Pulido from Jalisco confessed he had been bitten by a strange creature “resembling a giant bat looking like a witch.” In Mexico, Teodora Reyes showed marks supposedly left by Chupacabra's claws.

Up to date information about the Chupacabra came from California, Texas, Miami and Baja California. The strange creature was spotted many times in Mexico as well. One of the first attacks committed by the Chupacabra was registered in Tucson, Arizona, where the strange creature attacked Billy Nubian's two goats. The man described the beast as a huge rat-like creature that cried out a chilling shriek when detected and scarpered away.

A dog with two marks similar to needle pricks on the neck was found in Baja California. from today, it is the only report about the Chupacabra that has been received from Baja California. Sixty-nine animals were killed overnight in Miami. The animals belonged to two farming families living in Sweetwater who appeared on TV to say that it had been Chupacabra's evil work. Some horrible killings also happened in Panama. Daisy Arauz said the strange creatue killed their dog. More reports about dead animals with fang marks on their necks also comes from the countryside.

A rancher from the South Texas town of Cuero is telling a chupacabra tale, and she says she has the evidence in her freezer. 

Phylis Canion says the animal had been lurking around her ranch for years.

She said it first snatched cats, then chickens right through a wire cage.

“[It] opened it, reached in pulled the chicken head out, sucked all the blood out, left the chicken in the cage,” she said.

Canion says two dozen chickens were sucked dry. The meat, she says, was left on the bone.

Neighbours speculate the blue-colored animal that was doing all that damage was a chupacabra. The name is translated from Spanish and means goat-sucker because the creature sucks the blood of livestock.

Canion says not one, but three chupacabras were spotted outside the town in recent days. All of them, she says, were blue-skinned, had no hair and had strange teeth.

Although Canion and her neighbours feel she captured a chupacabra, others -- like State Mammalogist John Young -- say she captured a grey fox.

“When mange goes untreated it causes this type of reaction. they start to itch, lose all their hair, blue grey coloration. and the animal usually dies from it,” he said.

It wasn’t mange, but a car that killed the creature that Canion captured.

“There have been so many stories for so long. The chupacabra is a mythical thing and maybe it is, but this is something…a cross between something. What? I don’t know, I’d love to find out,” she said.

So, KENS-TV took samples of the creature and sent it off for DNA testing. Those results are due.

Meanwhile, the creature’s head, which is in Canion’s freezer, will go on her home’s wall.

“This one hands down will draw the most attention. Because they’re gonna say you got zebras, you got this, you got that, what is this thing here? That’s what we call the South Texas taz devil," she said.


Anonymous said...

Chupacabras just a wild dog

rider said...

how do you know that anon, do you own one

Anonymous said...

I have had strange experiences....for the past year I've been waking up to find fang bites on my legs, arms, and ankles. just 3 days ago my back was itching and as I was scratching my back I rubbed the upper left side of my back only to discover a gang bite. My name also is ironic is that? I'm afraid and don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going crazy....can anyone help explain this.....( the bites on my legs and ankle are healing so fast the itching is burning me up....if anyone is out there who can genuinely help please reach out to me...

Retep said...

Hey, sounds like you've been bitten by flying insects of some variety. I wouldn't worry about it too much my friend.

nnubby said...

Any latest sightings? August september 2012?

Benny said...

Chupacabra? What about the panthers that are being witnessed in England! Roaming the English countryside!!! said...

The Chupacabra is widely known all over the world, descriptions of the Chupacabra go from a dog size animal with red eyes, to a big man like creature with huge teeth etc.

Whatever the Chupacabra really is, it's not to be messed with that's for sure. The Chupacabra is known for sucking the blood from animals, mainly goats and chickens, but there are reports of many other animals, some much bigger in size, being killed and sucked dry, with the only visible marks being two fang marks on the neck of the dead animal.

The reports of the Chupacabra come from many countries, many farmers and animal owners are very scared of the Chupacabra, with good reason. But with the description of the Chupacabra being different from sighting to sighting, how do we know what is the real Chupacabra?

Many experts think it's a cross between a dog and another animal like a wolf or coyote. But if this is true how do you explain the reports of the Chupacabra being a very big animal, like the size of a man? Personally I think these reports were far fetched and i do beleive the cross between two animals is the most likely explanation and description of the Chupcabra. But there is also speculation that because of the Chupacabra's red eyes and blood sucking ways, it could not be from a cross bettween dogs and another animal, where would it of inhertited those traits from?

Some people think its not from this earth, maybe there right, Who knows...Whatever the Chupacabra is, it remains unexplained..Do you think you have seen the Chupacabra?

Anonymous said...

I know the chupacabra is real. They like the dark. They look skinny but weigh alot. They blend in with the dark. They have a long forked tongue and a reversible proboscis. They have no teeth. They send telepathic messages to go do something like telling a child to go pack your bike away in the garage. No ears but they have ears inside them by their neck that look like moles. They are not moles but holes. They have long legs. They can balance on a fence and increase in height as their balancing like no other creature while hissing and a reaching right up in your face instantly. They are black with bald head. They have no lips by their mouth. They have no eyes but have an eye pattern like as if there charcoal like skin covers the eyes. I saw one in oak lawn Illinois maybe back in August of 1987. They show up only by surprise. I seen one when the home had no street light, when there was no back yard light, when there were more trees in the area. I think they could be a guardian angel of some sort and some who seen chupacabra blame it for sucking blood out of livestock. I seen lots of ufo's since 2002-2013 also. I seen more also. I saw invisible people with green bright eyes and heard a ghost drop a coin quarter before.ect...

Anonymous said...

These posts really make me sad. Not only because even so called credible sources like Animal Planet perpetuate ignorance and superstition but also because it seems the public refuses to do 5 seconds of research to find out the Chupacabra is bogus. YES "Rider" I own not just one, but TWO. what is thought by the ignorant to be Chupacabra is an ancient dog breed (But not exactly "wild"

The Xoloitzcuintli or "Mexican hairless" has been around for over 3000 years and was a beloved breed by artist Frida Khalo and she painted them often. They were considered sacred by the Aztecs and like the Poodle, come in three sizes (toy, miniature and standard) In a litter some are haired and some are hairless. this is a natural mutation unlike the hundreds of current breeds that were created by us. Xolos often win the annual "ugliest dog" competitions due to their lack of fur and dentation (which is caused by the naturally occuring hairless gene they carry) They are incredibly bright and hearty.

Thanks to articles like this one, many of these amazing (and as you can imagine, uncommon) canines are killed each year and carcases kept as "prizes". They are a gentle breed and aren't going around sucking the blood out of any livestock. (that being said, My ladies had fun being chupas during our Freakshow themed Halloween Party

-Aelita T

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

12vn said...

Hi Aelita, thanks for your interesting comment. Despite what you may think about this article it does not change the fact that there is an animal that does go around sucking the blood of livestock, and the images you see here are just what the Chupacabra is perceived to look like. If you look under the picture at the caption it does have a question mark at the end of "Dead Chupacabra". And if you read the article you will notice that the tone I'm writing in implies that the real description of the Chupacabra is unknown because some witnesses say it was the size of a man and others say it was like a dog..So this article does not claim to have definite 100% proof to the Chupacabras real appearance.

But your link is very interesting and I must admit, they do look the same. As a result of your comment I will change the caption and link it to include your image to make more people aware. Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

The Chupacabra is not a dog. It has a head like a human. They need a proboscis to suck the blood and the dogs that people claim is a chupacabra doesn't have a proboscis. Some animals found dead the bodies decomposes and it makes it look like it was drained of blood because the investigators come to late when they check out the animals corpses. You have to do autopsy as soon as you noticed that that animal found dead was just alive hours ago and not get an animal who was dead for a few days or a week.

Anonymous said...

It is said that in yhe 15th century a king set a mother with three of her kids to an island where the king said that no one is to have contact with them he wanted them to speak "the original language of the gods" there one day the men who were sent never came back and the people who came looking for them only found blood...centuries pased then during ww2 the army was trying to build a fortress tgere. They sent six men who were supposed to take plans for construction... they were never seen again but before they died they sent a massage in morse code saying there were peo...before the transmition was lost then they sent a machine grup of men ...what they saw were four leged beast..human looking creatures that spoked a different language .......i dont know maybe el chupacabra origins

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