Black Triangular UFO Sighting

Black Triangular UFO Sighting

This story was sent to me last week. Two anonymous police officers claimed to have seen a triangular shaped UFO while out on partol. The UFO had the ability to appear from nowhere, and could also disappear and reappear somewhere else in the sky. Please read there story and view the photo's. Feel free to send me yours.

Black Triangular UFO Sighting Story

It was on the morning of the 30TH October 2010 at approximately 9-45 AM when both myself and a fellow police officer were driving around on routine patrol when we witnessed the UFO. Suddenly we both noticed a large black triangular shaped UFO in our line of vision, this was witnessed by both of us at the same time through the windscreen of the patrol vehicle. The UFO just seemed to materialise, I mean one minute it was a normal empty cloudy sky, then suddenly out of the blue this huge thing just appeared. I slammed on the brakes and we both watched this huge black triangular shaped UFO performing mind boggling manoeuvres high up in the sky.

The UFO was at some distance and some height, but it still appeared to be a very large craft to the naked eye, the UFO would disappear and re-appear in different parts of the sky, some times it looked like it had covered several miles in an instant, the UFO also performed aerial manoeuvres unlike anything we have both ever witnessed before, it was like the UFO could simply perform any kind of manoeuvre and turn it liked, and some of the speeds we witnessed the UFO perform were just simply mind boggling.

After what was roughly 2 minutes the UFO simply blinked out and was not visible. After roughly 1 minute the UFO re-appeared, we pulled the patrol vehicle over and got out to have a better look at what we were confronted with. The UFO was now much closer and at a much lower altitude. What we saw was a huge black triangular shaped UFO still at considerable distance, just completely frozen to the sky. The thing never moved for about 45 seconds and then suddenly started to slowly move from right to left. We watched as the UFO slowly drifted across part of the sky before suddenly just blinking out and completely disappearing. The thing never shot of or took of at great speed, it just simply wasn't there anymore, almost as though someone had switched off a light.

We were completely baffled as to what we had witnessed, as the thing was extremely large, completely silent-no jet engine noise at any point, no vapour trail. We can't say what it was what we saw, it is hard to say and imagine that what we saw was simply a terrestrial man-made jet-engined aircraft of some kind, some might say that we witnessed some kind of top secret, highly classified, deep black project, experimental hypersonic/supersonic stealth aircraft. I mean I suppose it is possible that we witnessed something of that nature, but we both got the same feeling that we were witnessing something we should not be seeing, something unexplained that did not fit into any box in ones mind, it was a very strange experience.

Obviously we can't say that the UFO was extraterrestrial, as we have no solid, concrete proof of such a claim, but what ever it was, it was like no aircraft that we have both ever witnessed before, even state of the art military jets don't come close to the way that the thing moved and performed, and the way it disappeared at will and re-appeared in another part of the sky miles away in a mili-second, and the turns and speed of the thing make us believe that what we witnessed was simply not possible to perform by humans, the G Force and speed, and how it just vanished and was simply gone without a trace. The actual UFO itself is hard to describe, it did look and appear to be metallic or made of something similar looking to military jets, no cockpit could be witnessed, the UFO was simply a plain black triangular shaped object.

The sighting lasted a good 4 minutes, we did hang around for roughly the best part of an hour, but we never saw the thing again. At the time of the sighting, the only photographic equipment that we had any access to was a tiny key-ring camera, which my colleague owned. The camera is no bigger than an inch and only takes very low resolution photographs. My colleague took 2 photos of the UFO, we had no idea that we had even captured anything on camera, we had to wait until later that evening to see the photos.

After work we went for a few pints of bitter and discussed the sighting in great detail, later we had a look at the photos on the computer. At first we were rather disappointed with the quality of the photos, but then as my colleague pointed out, you have to remember, these 2 photos were captured on nothing more than a tiny plastic camera which actually came out of a Christmas cracker, so on reflection and more closely detailed scrutiny of the images, we came to the conclusion that the photos are not that bad after all, and do clearly show the huge triangular shaped UFO at distance passing through the sky, and although the photos are not the best quality in the world, they do give some idea of the sheer size of the object that we were confronted with. Have you seen the same object?


surfs-out said...

I enjoyed reading about the ufo sighting but I think the pictures make it look like a fraud. It looks like the person has added the triangle and faded the contrast and pic quality so it looks more genuine. The police officer looks like he could be looking up the lane. The road is closed so hes keeping a look out for traffic to prevent them going through perhaps?>

Anonymous said...

Government craft me thinks

Grady said...

hello i saw two huge ufo's at night seemed to be made of glowing golden material not triangle more sphere shaped but it preformed all of the moves described by the police officer i watched it for almost a half hour and they would disappear an reappear a few hundred feet away in a instant and it would move up on a angel then disappear then appear in a different spot an move down on a angle an disappear then they both appeared and moved side to side so i assumed it was aliens and i thought well if it is then they can read my mind an if they can then i want them to appear closer and within a mili second 1 appeared really really close so close i got scared and went inside to get a witness but no one would wake up an so i didnt go back outside but then a month later my son and i both saw a black triangle flying on its side and it had lights on each corner white an red and i couldn't tell if it had a light in the middle as it was obstructed by a tree an a building

Anonymous said...

The pic is obs a fake the triangle is to clear compared to the pic bad job who ever photoshopped it

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