Are Aliens On The Moon

Are Aliens On The Moon

Did you know? Since man first stepped foot on the moon in the 1960's, they have never physically been back there again since 1972..Why? NASA have never fully answered this question. But many experts believe that mankind in general, were warned off and told never to return to the lunar surface-by ALIENS. The moon is apparently crawling with UFOs and aliens. This was confirmed by NASA astronauts in the 1970's.

The Moon

Are there aliens on the moon? From all the reports made by NASA employees that were involved in the space missions, and the stacks of evidence gathered over the years, I would say without doubt there ARE aliens on the moon.

Many years ago, beams of light were seen inside the Clavius Crater  The Plato Crater has also had numerous reports made by astronomers that claimed to have seen orbs of light on the Crater. Even today there are regular reports made by astronomers of UFOs flying around the moon.

As far back as 1540, up to 1967 there were almost 600 reports from astronomers of strange events, strange lights, clouds, orbs, and other strange things seen on the moon, or flying over the moon. Operation moon blink, launched in 1965 to monitor the moon by using unmanned satellites to collect data, which included UFOs flying around the moon, and strange lights and structures on the moons surface.

NASA satellites have photographed many UFOs around the moon, also structures on the moon that look very artificial, and seemed to have just appeared from nowhere, such as The Tower, and The Shard.

Ex-NASA employee, Otto Binder accused NASA of censoring radio transmissions from the apollo astronauts so no one else heard what they were reporting back. They also used code names for UFOs. Otto Binder claimed that he heard an Apollo astronaut tell mission control that there were massive UFO spacecrafts parked on the moon, very near to the chosen landing site of Apollo 11.

 Buzz Aldrin Walking On The Moon. Photo credit: NASA

Another ex-NASA employee, Maurice Chatelain also claimed that just before the legendary moonwalk of Neil Armstrong, two UFOs were seen hovering above the Sea of Tranquility. Maurice Chatelain also claimed that astronauts reported seeing UFO spacecrafts sitting near a crater and observing the moonwalk of Neil Armstrong. Maurice Chatelain was the chief of NASA communication systems, one of the top guys for NASA, who had a seriously high level of security clearance. He was a NASA insider who even invented many of the radio and radar communication systems for the Apollo space missions. If Maurice Chatelain claims this is the truth and actually says it from his own mouth then I see no reason not to believe him. He is an impeccable witness that has been at the highest level within NASA, and able to talk freely to the top NASA officials.

Whatever warning the aliens gave to NASA it worked. This leads me to believe that NASA knew the type of fire power these aliens could unleash would most probably be capable of destroying the earth with ease, and that's the reason why they have never returned to the moon.

Whether aliens exist at all or not is not even worth asking anymore, they definitely exist. I think you would have to be very narrow minded, specially with all the evidence available. Just to mention a few, countless UFO sightings, alien abductions, cover ups, ancient paintings clearly showing UFOs & aliens, whistle blowers of the highest calibre, such as NASA employees, military personnel, police, astronauts, all coming forward and telling what they know. After all this, to believe that we are the only intelligent life form in this endless universe must take some serious denial of the facts.

Are there aliens on the moon?
Yes, I believe so. But everyones entitled to their own opinion. The information here is just a snippet of what is out there about aliens on the moon. Do more research, look at the facts, and make your own mind up as to whether you believe it to be true or not.

Do you have your own story or opinion about aliens on the moon. Let us know.

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From: Scot

This is the incident that drove me to hunt down websites with info such as yours. Two nights ago, Ocean City NJ, almost a full moon, I was sitting on my balcony staring at the moon and smoking a cig. A tiny light that of which is similar to the size and appearance of known satellites that orbit our planet, shot out from the top portion of the moon and faded into the dark sky as it moved along. It WAS not a satellite and its origin was the moon, bright enough to see with the naked eye but faint enough to go undetected if no one was looking at the moon at that very same moment which occurred and lasted for about 3 seconds. There was NO trail to evident a meteor. A tiny star like object shot out from the moon and simply disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Nasa recently say that the moon was artificial?

jedimaster said...

Aliens are watching us from the hollow moon. Spooky

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Neil Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

RIP Neil Armstrong.

Lunar controls our water tides, what else it controls? Advance Satellite in disguise..

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the moon and camp out for a few days

ONVI said...

moons a mystery

Anonymous said...

The dark side of the Moon has never been explored..

Anonymous said...

Did america even land on the moon? Evidence makes it look fake

Anonymous said...


We are living in a computer simulation said...

Moon landing fake? Absolutely. One name.. Stanley Kubrick.

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