Ancient Cave Art Pictures UFO Aliens

Ancient Cave Art Pictures Of UFOs And Aliens

Ever since man first walked on the Earth thousands of years ago there has been evidence left behind from previous generations that we have been getting visited frequently by UFO's and aliens. Evidence in the form of pictures, drawings, and text. Some in caves and rocks, to paintings, books and scriptures, including The Bible. Take a look at some of these pictures and I think you will agree, they are solid proof that what our ancestors were seeing, and then drawing, were visitors from somewhere else in the Universe. These are just a few examples.

Incredible Rock Art From 6000 BC

A 15th Century painting of Madonna with Saint Giovanno. Check out the flying object. Giovanno is.

The Baptism Of Christ. Painted in 1710 by Aert De Gelder

Found on a rock in Italy. Dating back to 10,000 BC. Astronauts?

Travellers from the skys

The Crucifixtion Of Jesus Christ, painted in 1350 clearly shows two UFOs on both sides.

Pictures above: Here are two close-ups of the UFOs from each side of the picture above called "The Crucifixtion Of Jesus Christ".  Passengers are clearly visible.

Cave drawings from Australia. 5000 years old.

Cave painting from Australia - 5000 years old.

More from Australia. Cave drawings - 3000 BC

Africa - 6000 BC


Anonymous said...

those are aliens and ufos. what else can they be

Anonymous said...

we are not alone

klaus said...

The Baptism Of Christ..Was god, or what they thought to be god really aliens!!!!?? The painter, where would he get an image idea like that from in 1710! Wheres the influence I ask??? Who was he? I'm going to google to find out he-he

Anonymous said...

eye opening

Anonymous said...

More pictures....I want more

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