Alien Pictures

Alien Pictures

A collection of alien pictures. There are said to be 57 different races of alien in total. Some look like what we have come to know as the greys, while others look completely insect or reptilian like in appearance. Then theres the ones that look just like you and I. And many people believe they already walk among us. Got alien pictures you want posted here? Just let us know and if appropriate we'll add them to this page.

Dead Alien

This picture of a dead alien seems pretty genuine. This dead alien picture clearly shows damage to the aliens head, was this the cause of it's death, maybe these injurys are from a crash to earth. There seems to be a burning type effect around the wound, with no blood.

Same Dead Alien

This Looks to be the same dead alien as in the picture above but from a different angle.

When I first saw this picture I laughed. Here is a picture of an alien, wearing an all in one body suit being escorted into a car by what look like special agents of some kind. The aliens hands are completely human looking. Is this a clip out of movie that I haven't seen?.. The alien is actually handcuffed. I guess their technology isn't all that great after all.

Dead alien

Strange picture of a spindley armed alien lying on a hospital bed with a doctor over looking the scene. The alien looks to be dead, and has damage to it's feet, one of it's arms and to the side of it's head. Could this be the same alien in the first two pictures on this page, again, photgraphed from another angle?  Did this alien crash somewhere on earth and get recovered by the military or some other Government Agency.

Again, like the picture above, this looks like the same alien, but this time just a shot of it's injured / burnt hands and feet. The feet look quite normal but the hands do look strange.

Dead alien

This dead alien looks like it's been involved in a crash and sustained burns on it's face and body. It's eyes look huge. It seems to have a very small body compared to the size of it's head.

This picture shows an alien receiving hospital treatment.  The alien here looks very old and frail.  Could it be dying due to old age?  Some people that had a high level of security clearance working at Area 51 have claimed that there are aliens working along side humans. Could this be one of them..

This alien picture looks shockingly real, or shockingly fake. This alien picture, real or fake, shows an alien being opened up and operated on, maybe to see what the alien is made of. Whoever leaked this alien picture done a good job. The face looks a little too real in my opinion.

Dead Alien
Dead Alien
Dead Alien
Dead Alien

These alien pictures above were supposedly taken from the world famous alien autopsy looks like a totally different alien species / race compared to the other alien species pictures at the top of this page. The alien in these pictures looks much bigger in size, maybe even older in age. The alien in this picture is said to of been found in a crashed UFO, which I believe, and many others believe to be true. There has also been much cover up regarding any investigations made into this alien. It should be noted that this alien autopsy was proven to be fake, but there was meant to have been a real alien autopsy as well. We don't know if these pictures of from the real alien autopsy or the fake one..

This picture of an alien shaped skull is very interesting. Does this picture tell us that aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds if not thousands of years. Or maybe this skull is from earth, maybe we had skulls shaped like this thousands of years ago. View more alien and hybrid species pictures.

Real Alien Caught on Tape?


Does this video show a real Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien actually alive on tape. This footage is said to have been leaked by a member of the KGB. Little has been found out about the true origins of the footage but if this footage is fake it's one of the best fakes for it's date range. If fake, an alien head that could blink realistically like the alien in the video is doing would have only been available to Hollywood film makers. The footage is regarded as dating from around the 1940's - 1960's. I don't think that even Hollywood film makers were as advanced as this in those early years. Because those blinks do look very real.



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    aliens have sense of humour

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    those were amazing pictures real or not that open for discussion

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    Interesting pictures. Maybe someone are skeptical about aliens existence but just watch this video and find out what american government is hiding from us.

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    This is an elaborate Japanese mechanical robot. These robots have a distinctive blink.

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    The "Alien skull" Is clearly just a distorted image of a human skull. Don't put Garbage pics up if you want to be taken seriously