Alien Abductions Storys And Experiences

Alien Abductions Storys And Experiences

Had an abduction experience?Are you one of the chosen few that have been abducted many times through out their lives..If you have had an alien abduction experience and want to share what the encounter was like please feel free to submit in your story and it will appear on this page.

From: Anonymous

I was thirteen and I had seen a bright orange light and it was spherical. I had first seen it from my living room door and I was curious not scared at all and walked out toward it. I don't remember anything after that. I woke up the next morning. Three weeks later I noticed a lump on the back of my neck, their was no entry wound so my doctor thought it was a cyst. He took out a metal oblong object. He was stunned. He never said anything, he put it in pheymeldhyde and gave it to me. I brought it home and put it on my dresser and it was gone a week later. I have no bad dreams or flash backs and I'm not scared of the whole situation.

I feel nothing bad was done to me but I don't really know. But who knows even my mom believes she was abducted the same time I was conceived. I know this is fixing ! to sound crazy and I have no proof but she said she felt this strong static around my when they handed me to her when I was born. Sounds weird I know. I've never told anyone.

From: Grant Scheeper

There are entities among us, 3 types that regulate life and who are in the process of protecting and preparing a safe passage for a number of DNA testee individuals to another world, as our world has been destroyed in the future.

They provided a time machine that will host 1900 individuals to another solar system. I have been there in the future. Time travel is possible. I experienced all this stuff and would like to know if there are others out there. I see and experience the future and have scars to show. I have dates and events and this has been going on for the past 39 years.

I hold a stable job and I'm very successful , but my knowledge is increasing everyday as I am trained in the art of knowing. All my knowledge is given to me by these entities. Studying or reading was never a problem because I never do , though I can read and write. I am also capable of understanding and speaking a number of languages that I was never taught or never enjoyed the presence of somebody talking it as I grew up in a place where only one language was spoken.

You can contact Grant if you have had a similar experience and want someone to talk to about it: Email:

From: Simon

I have been abducted since the age of 6 months old, I am now 51 years old. The beings I interact with most are what we in the UK call mantids and in the US mantis. I have never been hurt intentionally by them. Although I have had interaction with them from a very young age they waited until I was 10 or 11 years old before they gave me the choice to take the abductions and interactions with them to a more complex level, or get out of the programme - I agreed to get more involved with them. During 2010 I was abducted at least 3 times that I am aware of - so the interaction is pretty intense over a long part of my life time.

People often ask me are you scared? I answer in the early days, yes scared out of my life, but after all these years its all I really know, after all i have known them longer than my mother who is now dead, and longer than I have been with my wife - so you do get used to it all. I help abductees to overcome their fear, as most people never come to terms with it - if you have abductees who need help, tell them to get in touch with me - I don't charge and its confidential. All the best, Simon.

From: Anonymous

I was taken by aliens in 1985. I don't remember all that much about it, but what I do remember is being in a white room surrounded by aliens people call the greys. I was sitting down on a chair. Other then just the greys I seen a normal looking man in the room. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore an all in one blue suit that was tightly fitted to his body. He didn't talk to the greys but he was interacting with them.

He had something metal in his hand like a bowl that humans in the medical trade would be familiar with. I didn't feel worried or anything, it was like I was observing what they were doing and none of them were paying any attention to me. After a while of watching them I remember feeling drowsy and passing out. Next thing I woke up on top of a dirt mound roughly 5 miles from my house. Bear in mind, I only walked outside my house to put the rubbish bags out at 12 midnight and was abducted. When I woke on the hill it was 2pm the next day. Have not been left with any side effects or marks that I'm aware of. I'm reluctant to tell anyone what happened to me in case they think I'm nuts. I did tell a good friend once, he said he believed me, but tried to convince me that it never happened, the minds a powerful thing and I must of been dreaming. I laughed and said this was no dream.

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