Alien Abductions Sexual Encounter

Alien Abductions Sexual Encounter

This alien encounter took place in 1957, involving a man called Antonio Villas-Boas, a 23 year old Brazilian law student. Antonio claimed to have seen UFOs twice before the main event where he actually had a very close encounter with an alien of a sexual kind.

The first UFO sighting happened in the same year (1957), when Antonio and his brother seen a bright light shining down from the bedroom window of the family home close to Sao Francisco de Sales in Central Brazil. The family home was also a farm, where Antonio worked in order to pay his way through law school.

Antonio Villas Boas

The second UFO sighting happened a week after the first, Antonio was out working in the fields, and again he seen a bright light overhead, which was hovering above him in the field. As the light hovered away Antonio followed it in his tractor. This bright light was moving around so much and so fast that after a while Antonio gave up. This bright light was also said to have separated into 4-5 different beams, then bang, they all totally disappeared. Antonio's brother also seen this whole event.

The night after this very strange UFO sighting, Antonio was out in the tractor again in the fields, he claimed that all of a sudden, a red light was coming straight towards him, this time he was on his own. Antonio said the red light came so close that he could see there was an oval shaped craft attached to it, this craft also had 3 long legs, like a tripod in shape. This UFO landed, Antonio said he was frozen with fear, he attempted to drive away in the tractor but the tractor just totally died, no power at all.

Four aliens then climbed out of this UFO craft and grabbed him, they then forced him to get into the craft. The appearance of the aliens was they were around 5 feet tall, with big heads, much larger then a normal human head. When on board this strange alien craft Antonio was forced to strip. His body was then bathed in a strange liquid that had no smell, and no colour. The aliens were wearing strange Grey, all in one suits, gloves with five fingers, and helmets. The aliens communicated in a strange language that Antonio could not understand. They cut his skin and took samples of his blood.

After a while they left him alone, naked in a circular room. Fumes were pumped into this room, and it smelled horrible, and  this made Antonio throw up. He soon felt better when a naked alien female walked in. She looked human in appearance, about 4,7 feet tall, fair skin and high cheekbones. Her eyes were blue, but oriental in shape. Her face wide, with a thin chin, blond hair, which Antonio said had to be bleached blonde because the hair under her arm pits and pubic hair was bright red. Despite her quite strange appearance, Antonio became sexually excited.

Antonio said, she had the best body he had ever seen on a woman, high, perked breasts, narrow waist, broad hips, small feet and hands, and very petite. The alien woman made it very clear what she wanted, Antonio got very excited, holding her and responding to her 'come on'. She behaved like a normal woman in a sexual sense.

Apparently, Antonio had sexual intercourse with the alien female twice. The sex was pleasing, but Antonio said he would have preferred a real human woman because the alien female could not talk. she could not kiss either, and other then kiss, she playfully nibbled his chin, which he thought was probably the equivalent of kissing. Perhaps because he had been sick from the fumes pumped into the room, she was avoiding kissing him because of his sick breath!

The pair did have sex twice, but the female alien still took another sperm sample from Antonio and stored it in a test tube. before she departed the alien female rubbed her stomach and pointed up to the sky. Antonio thought that this meant she was going to have his baby, somewhere out there, not on this earth.

Antonio was convinced of what the whole encounter was all about, a human stud to provide good genes in order to improve their stock. Antonio was angry at the thought of this for ages, but then decided not to worry about it anymore. He had some enjoyment from the experience of having sex, but did go on to say the female alien almost spoilt the whole sexual moment at one stage because she was grunting and making noises like an animal.

After the sexual experience was over with the female alien, with  Antonio was still on the craft, he suddenly thought no one would believe his experience, so he tried to take an item from the craft, but being naked, having nowhere to hide it, he was quickly left empty handed. Before the craft left, Antonio was given a guided tour of the spacecraft, which he said was encased in a dome, and had a strange green light. After the tour the aliens took him to the exit and made it clear that he could go home. Once off the craft it shot off at break neck speed. His alien abduction sexual encounter had lasted for over 4 hours.

The only proof that this strange experience ever took place was that afterwards, Antonio felt sick, had bad headaches, burning eyes, sleep loss, and came out in strange wounds on his arms and legs that left scarring. The scars where the only lasting proof that this alien sexual encounter really took place.

Antonio Villas-Boas was not an attention seeker, he was not after any kind of way to profit from this encounter. Many people believed his story. Antonio visited a doctor that confirmed the scars on his body, and symptoms he described feeling after the encounter where from radiation exposure.

Antonio Villas-Boas died in 1990, he was a fully qualified lawyer that worked all his life in the legal profession, with a wife and four children. Many believe he would not, or had no reason to lie about his alien encounter. Personally I believe him.

Antonio Villas-Boas was contacted by the US Government  30 years before his death  to examine the remains of a crashed craft, many believed was from Roswell. 

Alien Abductions: Sexual Encounter No.2 ~In Brazil

This second alien abduction sexual encounter story also took place in Brazil, in the reigon of Botucatu. On the 29th of November, 1982, a 38 year old man by the name of Joao Valeiro Da Silva got up out of bed in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. While he was standing in the kitchen, Joao claimed he was hit by a huge stream of very strong light, which acted like a lift that placed him onboard a UFO. When Joao first boarded the UFO he said he was in a room filled with very strange looking beings. At this point a naked women walked up to him and touched his face, straight after this he passed out.

When morning came Joao was found asleep, naked on the kitchen floor, all his clothes were next to him placed on top of each other. Joao's body was teaming with weird marks, and there were also weird cuts on his private parts. Joao said these marks were not there before..

Do you have an explanation for this strange event?

Brazil UFO Abduction

Two people that were driving on a road next to the coast, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, claimed to have been abducted and taken onboard a UFO. Luli Oswald and Fauze Mehlen, said they were subjected to some very strange examination procedures. Stanger still, Luli and Fauze said that the huge UFO’s they saw actually came from out of the sea.

The car lost control and the pair claimed that the cars doors started opening and shutting by themselves. The pair, shaken after this ordeal, stopped for coffee at a nearby restaurant. This is where they discovered a two hour time loss had occurred. Someone in the restaurant told the shaken pair that someone he knew had been chased by a UFO on the same stretch of road.

Eager for answers, Luli Oswald went to a hypnotist called Silvio Lago. Under hypnosis Miss Oswald said she could see two UFO’s above the car and that she felt very sick. Luli claimed the car was being grabbed and held hostage. The car was then taken onboard a black UFO. Luli recalls these strange, grey “rat” looking aliens started to touch her all over, put tubes in her ear, and were pulling on her hair. Luli also said she could see Fauze Mehlen lying there unconscious on an examination table while these rat like aliens poked and prodded him with a strange light beam that smelt like sulphur.

The strangest, or most alarming thing about this abduction is that Luli Oswald said she actually talked to one of these aliens and it said: We (the aliens) came from Antarctica. There is a tunnel which travels under the South Pole, and that’s why you seen us coming out from the water.

There has been talk of some kind of alien underground tunnel system on the earth for many years. Could this mean that aliens are living underground in some sort of base or underground city. Or, quite possibly living in the deepest parts of the sea where man hasn’t yet been able to explore.


poMi said...

Sex with an alien..If shes as described here I wouldnt mind having a go.

Anonymous said...

and this happened in the 50s imagine what has happened since then to some people worldwide. some have never come forward i reckon or we would have heard about it

gI I know said...

theres now millions of villas boases in the universe. thats one way of carrying on your family tree!

FFS said...

Why don't the aliens just kidnap ChuckNorris and make super hybrids

Anonymous said...

Excellent post man

Alessandro said...

Hi my friend. I´m from Brazil and i was researching many cases here. This particular case with Villas Boas in 1957 has some particular details commons with some others here. There are various cases of sexual abductions, some with mens, some with womens, but i think that most of these are consensual sexual encounter. I think too that the supposed victims in the majority has accepted the invite to do this.

Anonymous said...

Bad Boy Boas!

Anonymous said...

Thousands of encounters occure in Brazil and Argentina.

Anonymous said...

i guess aliens are fond of having sex only with brazilians or americans and not with asians or africans.....LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

My explanation for the way Joao Valeiro Da Silva was found is he'd taken a few too many pills / amphetamine etc and started playing with himself in a sexually agressive manner while his housemates were out. He suffered extreme dehydration and went to the fridge to get a drink, passing out in the process - the only way he could explain to his housemates being found the way he was was to make up a hilarious story of alien abduction, even if he knew they wouldn't believe it it still gave him a path of denial...

kaliha brooks said...

Lmao..That's funny

Anonymous said...

Transhumanism is on the rise. It should be illegal.

KJH said...

The last encounter was interesting. Adding more credibility to there being a hollow earth. Some researchers are aware that there is a 1200 mile blank void within inside the earth. What could be living in that space.???

Old Crow said...

Sign me up !

httyd said...

Where to see a list of newer cases?

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