Alien Abduction Implant Illness Symptoms

Alien Abduction Implant Radiation Illness Symptoms

Most people that have been abducted by aliens never come forward to tell their story. It's understandable that they might feel like people will think they are mentally ill, or just imagined the whole thing, and nothing has really happened to them. To a none believer of UFO's and aliens, It's almost too far fetched to comprehend.

Those who do speak out about getting abducted have very similar symptoms that are common from UFO abductions. The most common symptoms reported by abductees include, time loss, feeling sick, burns on the skin that seem to be healing but then come back and burn even worse. Wounds that leave scarring, which are caused by the burns (radiation poisoning, over exposure). Head aches, stomach problems, and sleep loss are also reported. Some people claim that they have extremely vivid flashback dreams of what actually took place while they were abducted.

I believe that these symptoms, minus the vivid flashbacks, are caused by the huge power source that the UFO uses in order to operate and travel at super fast speeds through the universe.

Please don't get too paranoid if you have one of the above symptoms such as feeling sick, as it is a very common occurrence, normal in everyday life. All of the abductee's witnessed something strange beforehand like flashes in the sky, or a bright light above them which got closer, then they blacked out. Some even remember being taken aboard a UFO etc. A clear indicator that you've been abducted.

Worryingly, there are an increasing amount of people that are reporting being abducted and having a small object inserted somewhere into their body. These cases underwent surgery to remove the object(s) embedded under the skin in various locations inside the body. Most objects removed were similar in appearance to small pieces of metal. But there has also been a case where the object removed from an abductee was almost identical to a piece of see through glass.

This glass was lab tested and found to be not of this earth. The metal objects removed from abductees where also found to be not from earth, but actually extremely rare pieces of meteorite that had an iron based cover, possibly for protection. Some experts claim that the outer shell is actually living tissue. These strange objects have been removed from almost every part of the body such as the skull, nose, hands, shins, toes, and even the jaw. There was also no inflammatory response from the abductees body, and no point of entry. It's like whoever or whatever put these object(s) inside the individuals done so without cutting their skin. It should also be noted that in most of the cases, the embedded objects were connected to the abductee's nerve endings.

Alien Implanted Object Removed From An Alleged Abductee

What's the reason for the embedding of objects?

Many experts believe that this is a form of tagging, to keep track of certain individuals for research or testing, just like we do with animals. Other theories claim the object(s) could be genetic monitoring devices, or emotion controllers / readers.


How can extremely rare pieces of meteorite get into the body, attach itself to the victims nerve endings, have no inflammatory response, and no point of entry, without there being some form of alien futuristic technology at play. And all of the people having these implants removed recall being abducted or abduction symptoms in one way or another. Something very strange is going on, and it's happening more often now. My own opinion is that this is the work of aliens. I would be insulting the abductees intelligence if I thought anything different. They know what they experienced, and these people aren't looking for fame or money from their ordeal as most of them want to remain anonymous. It's not like these people are just making up some story either, they actually have the symptoms, the story, and the removed implant to prove it. Do you have an explanation or abduction story? Let us know.



  1. Anonymous 14 May 2012 at 11:38

    implants are no joke. id like to look at one under a microscope but thats as far as it goes.

  2. zyrokm 1 June 2012 at 21:22

    im implanted with a device. under the arm pit

  3. Anonymous 8 June 2012 at 23:01

    all will be revealed soon.

  4. Anonymous 28 July 2012 at 22:37

    I was implanted in my nose. It fell out after oral surgery. I felt something coming down my nose canal. I held my hand under my nose. It droped into my hand. My dentist had it on an XRAY. He didnt know WHAT, the HELL it was. He said hed NEVER seen it before. I have CFS and Fibromyalgia since it fell out. I remember seeing the boomerang UFO. But do not remember any Aliens. And I have 2 other witnesses. I believe I was abducted. But dont remember it.I have been very ill ever since. I also have a son that got Leukemia a short time later. Ive also had miscarages.

  5. Partying 24 August 2012 at 14:17

    Why all the implants? If aliens are so technologically advanced why do they play these little games. Just show yourselves, take over, do something, make yourselves known in the world. Help us, fight us, something..

  6. Anonymous 17 September 2012 at 10:22

    who else does implant removal other then dr leir?

  7. Blvd 6 October 2012 at 23:34

    Man, I don't know what to think anymore.

  8. Anonymous 20 October 2012 at 13:39

    A dream like state that's really happening is a sign of being abducted

  9. Anonymous 17 November 2012 at 04:18

    A few years ago I had a mammogram and they found 3 metallic objects that were triangular in shape and were placed in a triangle in the top of my left breast. They removed 2 and placed a titanium marker in there. I was not given any explanation. I saw a ufo very very close when I was about 13 and my mother and father were chased by a ufo in their car when she was pregnant for me.

  10. Anonymous 26 February 2013 at 14:22

    When l was about 11 or 12 it happened to me they put some thing in my tummy. Now lm 36 n I'm remembering more don't want to tell any one because people going to think lm crazy. They came to my house n took me in the ship put something n my stomach and took me back home my mom never believed me

  11. 26 February 2013 at 17:21

    Hi Anon, thank you for commenting on the site. Your more then welcome to send in your story if you want and have it published on this site. Just click the submit information tab at the top and fill out the form or email to 12vn at

  12. Anonymous 7 March 2013 at 19:50

    It's crazy ... when I was about 15 I was in the park behind my house. I saw a trianglar shaped craft with lights come right above my head (within a few feet), and shoot off into the night. My friend was with me too. (I am 31 now). I always had dreams of UFO's and abductions, even before I saw this, and now reading all the symptoms of abductees on other sites, it's like I have every single one of them. I know it sounds crazy, and I don't tell people because I think I am crazy somtimes. They certainly will. I wish there was someone else I can talk to about this.

  13. Anonymous 10 March 2013 at 14:37

    Im a firm believer in the fact that aliens want to seem further away then they actually are. They have guidelines they must go by...probably some of their own and probably some due to government interaction. In the Disclosure Project the officials stated the aliens were given government black lists of individuals they were not permitted to abduct. Its interesting..sometimes i wonder about nano inserts. They have probably refined their inserts over the years and I wonder just what some of these implants are capable of.

  14. 12vn 10 March 2013 at 14:57

    Some really interesting points there anon.

  15. Lori Peltier 10 April 2013 at 16:04

    For one please don't think these things are going to help you!!! They are demonic and straight from Satan himself!!!! Jesus was also NOT an Alien!!!!

  16. gertrude 25 June 2013 at 08:10

    Who said anything about them helping us? And why are you saying Jesus was not an alien..Who said he was? crazy

  17. Anonymous 26 June 2013 at 16:58

    If they exist, they probably won't show themselves.
    And really? Ur theories are demons? No! I've seen strange lights in the sky as well, and a lot of people reported lights in the sky following them home where I'm from.. I have a rash or skin irritation on my skin as well. I have no idea where I got it from. And I have unusual dreams too.. I hear ringing in my ears a lot too, then I black out. This happened recently and I don't know what to do.

  18. Anonymous 10 July 2013 at 15:28

    I second the demon belief.

  19. Joe Allen 21 July 2013 at 07:50

    I have an odd bump on my hip (ball bearing size) do not know where it came from, no mark, and no clue how it could've gotten there. I have a strange reoccurring dream that freaks the hell out of me. I say reoccurring, but the dreams are different. Even so I some how associate them as the same, I know makes no sense. I cannot begin to describe what they are about, except it deals with something big. I do remember seeing a ufo when a little kid, don't remember much tho. Not saying I was abducted, but not saying I wasn't either. I also don't think people would think ur crazy like everyone is saying. If u want to talk to someone try bringing up an article u read and talk about it and go off the reaction to it.

  20. Anonymous 20 October 2013 at 16:16

    I've been visited twice that I know about in lucid sleep. The first they took me through the wall and my mom went with me as she was freaking out so bad they let her come. In this particular visit I remember being naked and cold going down a brightly lit hallway on a metal slab with my mom shouting obsenities to them. They told her not by mouth I was safe. In this particular time I felt safe. The next time was very different. I was older and was very scared. I dont remember that one too much but before they put me back they put something in my forearm tbat glowed blue and when I was becoming lucid from this horror I swear it was still glowing and then disepated. After the first abduction I was awake laying in my bed and for a week straight at exactly midnight my hallway would glow a bright white light tbat was warm and paralyzing. I couldn't move or close my eyes. It was almost like they were checking up on me. The last night I saw tbese lights I got very scared about tbem so I went and asked my mother if I could sleep witb her cause I was scared. Like clockwork they were there and I mustered up enougb energy to tap her with my finger and told ber to look and when she sat up they disappeared.

  21. Anonymous 24 October 2013 at 09:30

    is real, it happen to me.

  22. Anonymous 26 October 2013 at 15:24

    I believe I was abducted at a young age I remember everything.. I remember everything they did to me and even when I came back I will never forget that night. I now have an implant that ruined my life...

  23. 12vn 27 November 2013 at 12:06

    Some great comments here from anonymous people. Would love to hear more from those people. Specially from the anon above this comment.

  24. Anonymous 3 December 2013 at 06:12

    In my VA records an MRI of my spine notates "a metallic relic". That's it. I only mention this because as a young man I had several encounters with "Greys", including one witnessed with a friend. I do not recall ever being abducted but I do have very lucid prophetic dreams. I have a dream and 2 or 3 years later an event takes place that makes me say "I have seen this before".

  25. Anonymous 27 December 2013 at 15:33

    When I was about 8 or 9, I had a dream where I was in the back yard, with the ambition to fly... in my dream I cannot remember if this was before or after, but I remember something being put in my right ear, and it sounded like butterfly's, and felt like they were crawling into my ear. I have not had the dream since that day, 25 some odd years ago, but I remember pieces of it like it just happened. Never have I had a dream that was so real. I remember someone holding my head, but I don't remember seeing anyone.
    Always picking at my ears, and a little bit of labyrinthites recently. I remember feeling the sensation of gravity too... I had to do a type of double jump in order to fly, otherwise it wouldnt work. The breeze on my face, feeling like I was flying too high... and landing into a run in order to stop.

  26. Anonymous 5 January 2014 at 20:16

    alien abdominal implants?

  27. Anonymous 7 January 2014 at 21:55

    10 years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not move. I've heard of sleep paralysis (and maybe that's what it was), but what seriously frightened me was that I could see someone in my peripheral vision standing next to the bed. (I say peripheral because I could not move my eyes). It was standing on my wife's side of the bed and was holding a cone-shaped object over her. At this point I tried to scream but could not. I was absolutely terrified and tried to sit up but could not. I began to moan loudly and could sense it was not expecting me to be conscious. During the next 10-20 seconds I continued to try to sit up. It was a similar feeling to when one tries to force themselves awake from a nightmare. Finally, I sat up in a jolt of terror and frantically looked around, but could see know one in the room. I woke up my wife to see if she was ok and she was very upset at being woken up, but was otherwise fine. The next day I told her what had happened, but I don't think she believed me. I hardly believe it myself.

    About 5 years later, I dislocated my leg and had to get it x-rayed. I was surprised when the doctor asked how long ago it was since I broke my knee. I said I'd never broken my knee. He showed me the x-ray and there was a sharp line over my knee-cap. He inspected my knee closer and pressed down hard on it telling me it should hurt, but it didn't. Could the sharp line in the x-ray actually be an implant? I should also that I've had an odd U-shaped scar on my inner knee since I was a kid and I have no idea how I got it. I should also mention that I have no recollection of ever being abducted or experiencing abduction symptoms. As a kid I do remember seeing odd lights in the sky with my friends, but I never saw them up close as some others have described.

    Anyways, I'll finish by saying that after reading all the stories above, I truly believe that aliens have been abducting people and it does appear they are mixing our DNA with theirs and breeding a hybrid species. Hopefully their end purpose is peaceful and I believe it is. Likely their plans are very long-term (several 100 years) in which they plan to slowly introduce their own DNA onto our planet. Perhaps this is there way of procreating. Perhaps they've even been doing this on Earth (and other planets) for 1000s of years...

  28. Anonymous 17 January 2014 at 02:52

    Abductions could be something the government are doing

  29. Jamie 21 January 2014 at 17:41

    After the military I got a job at the VA in Westwood ca and worked in the X-ray dept and I found my X-ray showed it to this doctor friend really really old guy that saw mine and said You have a metal object in your lung at the bottom we don't know what it is when we see this ,it's usually in young boys but the only thing that we found out was that they never get sick.I never get sick 61 and the young guys that work for me can't keep up with me.i look much younger I'm always told. I t boned a car flew 50 ft got up and walked away my motorcycle was cut in half. I own a high rise window cleaning co in Honolulu I fell 30 ft got up walked look both of up in police report.there was a movie in the 50s of aliens fighting on earth and the only way you could tell them from earthlings was on the left hand little finger the finger was really small and I have a really small little finger very noticeable and I don't know how it happened I just noticed it one day when I was young.i have seen many UFOs I saw 2 light balls at the foot of my bed when I opened my eyes and sat up they flew off down our long hall way and i jumped up and ran as fast I a could they turned into the kitchen and as soon as I turned right behind them they were gone.but I heard all the dogs going crazy and all the coyotes howling like never before,that's a house we had in Sedona. I would not be surprised if I was told I am a hybrid I am spiritual and have seen many strange lights and knowings.i believe in UFOs Bigfoot and many things in truth man as we know us we are so young we just walking out of the shadows

  30. Anonymous 22 February 2014 at 10:44

    I am reading all your comments today because I have researched the UFO phenomena for many many years now. I was looking for common symptoms and or stories of those who have been implanted/abducted. I rwally do not know if I myself have been abducted/implanted but would not rule it out as during my childhood and early adulthood I had very many sightings, dream paralysis etc... and was a very fearful person. I believe wholeheartedly that these are aliens/spiritual beings that are doing this and its not for a peaceful reason even though they would have us believe that. I am not a religious person (any longer) but I consider myself to be spiritual and believe in one true God. I have to tell you all that when I had a spiritual experience with my God the sitings seemed to stop. Now this happenned even before I really believed in the alien abduction/implant scenario. I always continue to look and be aware but I never see UFOs like I used to. The sleep paralysis has tried to overtake me but I seem to be concious enough in my dreams that I can fight it off and wake up and it rarely happens now. I am concerned for my family though as they have described having the sleep paralysis lately. I do not have any answers either because everyone of you even had stories that were so different even though some similarities. I believe that this is more of a spiritual fight than we realize even though it has physical evidence and sometimes physical symptoms, whether it is not being sick or being sick alot. In any event please keep posting your stories and I eventually will probably post more of mine as its too lenghty to continue now. Its always good to know you are not alone and there are others out there who have been through the same thing - it helps us to cope and overcome - and we will overcome this!

  31. zaza 22 February 2014 at 11:32

    I'm scared of this. I try not to watch videos on youtube about abductions before I go to bed.

  32. Anonymous 6 April 2014 at 13:33

    Picture of the glass implant?

  33. 6 April 2014 at 17:59

    Thank you all for so many interesting stories and comments. Keep them coming.

  34. indi hernandez 19 April 2014 at 16:41

    i live in mexico and we see the orange lights all the time by our house a few days ago a burn suddenly appeared on my back it hurts pretty bad and the we saw the light in the mountain by our house ive been really sick for a long time i wonder if they can fix me or if they did this epilepsy food allergies i can only eat a few things and we seen them before in the house a few times so scary

  35. Nicky 4 May 2014 at 01:42

    Sorry about how long this story is but I cant really make it much shorter.
    When I was about 6-7 years old I woke up at night to use the bathroom. To do this I needed to pass my parents bed and noticed my mum was gone... I expected to bump into her on my way through the house. To my surprise after walking through the living room and the kitchen she was nowhere. So I went to the bathroom and there was a stunning bright white light coming from ground level behind the house..

    In the morning I asked my mum if she went outside at night and she said she slept all night but she did have a weird dream where she woke up to bright lights coming from behind the house, so she got up to investigate. As she walks into the kitchen there were 3 humanoids waiting there for her.
    One was wearing a blue safari suit, the second had black hair and wore a white shirt with a black leather jacket then the third wore a sort of visor across his eyes.
    The blue safari man was casually leaning back on to the stove while leather jacket man stood by the window but the visor man stood by my mum who was asked to sit in the chair by the table and not to be afraid.

    She remembers having a conversation with the humanoids but not the details. Visor man then produced a clear plastic bag that contained what looked like a clear gel... The humanoids then spoke between them, something along the lines of "Are you sure she is leader material" and "Can she handle this". Visor man replied " She is strong enough".
    He turned to my mum and said "Dont be scared this will not hurt" and took a small amount of the gel like substance from the bag and inserted it into her left ear. She said it felt similar to ear drops but thicker. Finally visor man said "we will return" and they disappeared.
    Mum tried waking dad but he wouldn't wake and she saw me in bed asleep!? Dad also said he woke at night to find mum out of bed but he fell back asleep.

    Even after 25 years me and mum remember this like it happened yesterday and I think about it all the time..we also have had many ear infections and problems..usually at the same time and the same ear...weird or what? We have spotted a few UFOs since but they have now returned..
    This is my experience..was it an implant?? TY for reading...Nicky

  36. 12vn 4 May 2014 at 07:15

    Hi Nicky, thanks for sharing your story. That has all the signs that you were visited by aliens. To know for definite if there were implants involved you would need to scan the area (the head) at the hospital, perhaps using MRI technology. Depending on what country you are in this procedure is usually free.

    Take care and keep us posted if you find out any new information regarding your alien experience.

  37. Anonymous 14 June 2014 at 09:57

    My story begins I believe when I was about five years old. I remember having the experience of hovering above my house and looking down at the roof top and the surrounding area. For me the experience wasn't frightening and I also recall making a statement that "This is an unusual perspective", which seems to be a conceptualization way beyond my age at the time. Whilst floating above my house I was able to see all the cricket balls that the family had lost, sitting in the gutter of the house.
    From that time I have had an increased awareness of danger and of the type of people that are of poor character. I also have a rather blotchy memory of my past , with times where people have approached me and related incidents they say we did together and of which I have no memory of either the individual nor the event. These people even know me by name.
    Like one of the other posters I have been blessed with rather good health , but again like another poster had a recurring ear problem when I was a child.

    The only time I have had an MRI was when I had a very bad ear infection and the scan showed that I had behind my left ear in my mastoid bone rather large pockets or swiss cheese like holes.
    When I was around the age of twelve-thirteen I had a very unusual nose bleed , it was from only one nostril and was like a string of bloody mucus that was nearly as long as I was tall, because it reached from my nose to the ground.
    Again like another poster , I have also been in a couple of vehicle accidents that totally wiped out the car , but I walked away unscathed.
    I have had unusual bruise marks appear on my body. On one occasion the were on my inner thighs and the imprint looked just like a four fingered entity had been trying to spread my legs(obviously I fought this) as the marks showed the tip of their fingers as a bruise imprint.
    My perceptions seemed to have been enhanced somewhat as I also get a knowing about things and situations before they happen.
    My most recent experiences of high strangeness have be hearing an warp, warp, warping sound, that builds in intensity, causing some disorientation and mild nausea, which those around me don't hear. My husband and I also experienced an odd neck ache located in the same area of the neck and both had a small wound on our legs , which to nearly four weeks to heal and ended up looking like a scoop mark.
    I no longer dream or have any recall of dreams and I do not have a conscious memory of an abduction nor do I have sleep paralysis, but my sister does. The funny thing is that all this has not left me with any fears and I wonder whether they have also been blocked and replaced with a more positive outlook. My hopes are that this rather long story may aid in another finding some solace or solidarity.

  38. tikigirl12 23 June 2014 at 17:29

    I'm working on a research project and looking for people who were impregnated by aliens. If anyone has had this happen to them, please email us ASAP -

  39. Anonymous 27 June 2014 at 03:42

    In my dream I felt as if I was being stabbed with an ice pick on the right side of my stomach. When I woke up, I recalled the dream and the pain. As I ran my fingers over where I had felt the pain, I was shocked, as I felt a very small triangular hard object just under the surface of my skin. The points of the triangle where very definite. To this day, which has been 30 years now, I can still feel this object... the only change is that is now feels as if tissue as grown around it making it feel smoother... but it still hurts like an ice pick stabbing me when I push on it.

    Outside of that... I have had two times in my life where I have experienced loss of time. Each time was about 3 hours I could not account for, and each time I became conscious at different locations from where I originally was. Weird stuff if you ask me.

  40. Gena Dube 29 August 2014 at 09:18

    Okay I posted one message before reading others post. I'm at wow seeing how I just read pretty much alot of what I said happened to me. Except I left out at age 15 I had already lost my dad to suicide and I was now living with my mom at which dad was passed away about 3 yrs now. I was laying n bed one night a sleep and I all of a sudden was awakened but couldn't move I wasn't scared at first but It went on for bout 45sec to 1min. I still was unable to move so I tried to focus my mind on saying the lords prayer but I couldn't get passed our father who art in... I tried 3 times til I finally could get out who art in heaven ect. And as I did so it lifted. I told my mom my gma and we all figured out of body experience. But now that I have read that others too have had site seeings of a ufo like object lowering when they was young I am 25 I was like may 8 or 9 when I seen my purple triangle like ufo come towards me. I do not recall of seeing a actual alien but I do remember it flying off fast after it stopping above me. I don't know if I am a chosen experiment. But I get ear aches and my left arm hurts and has a rash that just recently come up & went away and it continues to do this. I can say I have had 3 accidents afterwards I walked away from first one was shortly afterwards I was horseback riding with my aunt & her friend my aunt & I was doubled up on this horse after two hours of riding to a creek my grandfather was at my aunt kick the horse after stopping for a min before I could have said the saddles loose that horse shot off like it was shot n the ass I bounced 4-5 times and landed straight on my neck but hit my head & I remember seeing my paw paw run towards me & I was out then I came to hearing him saying Gena move ur legs please wake up and just move ur legs g d it don't be paralyzed I woke up jumped to my feet ran towards the smaller horse that her friend was on & I jump on that horse & took off. I don't know how i was able to do such a thing like it but my paw paw was so happy he cried and said babygirl I've never been so scared then shocked by what u done after landing the you landed I thought if u wasn't dead u wouldn't ever walk again and u jumpped up like some supernatural being and got back on a horse an was gone. I didn't break any bones but I have a nerve that gets pinched n my neck at times I can pop it & its like its gone.

  41. Gena Dube 29 August 2014 at 09:21

    Sorry have 2 send 2 messages. So continues from here: Next I was with my accident prone aunt again lol but this time on a four-wheeler n the first snow of that winter we hit black ice flipped it & we both hit our heads o I didn't tell u we was not wearing helmets like re re's we r but I came to sit up and look beside me to see her doing the same I was thinking thank u god she is alive I seen the see 4- wheeler but I thought it was on all 4 when we got to my nannys she told me it was flipped upside down & that I alone managed to flip it over but I didn't remember doing that cause I told my nanny we didn't flip I thought it was on as all 4 when we came to. Had cat scan done I was fine had a small contusion & she had blood on her brain. That's 2 I walked away from. The 3rd one I was alone driving 55mph mad n the flood of 2010 n TN & I hydroplaned across a bridge & I knew I was screwd when I had the wheel at tight grip & no handle I let go and aloud said daddy be with me god save me I managed to hit a brick column on passenger side I had went over 50ft & totaled my 2002 3door Saturn on someone's 4ft tall brick mailbox after the bridge I was looking for my cellphone it had flew into pieces a man stopped & called 911 as I am out looking in & around for battery & phone like nothing happened the ambulance begged me to go with them to get checked out but I said I'm fine I ain't going. I thought I had my dad or god looking over me all 3 times. Now I think maybe these aliens knewn I was a strong willed person even at 8-9 yrs old if so then they r very very smart beings maybe they have picked us out to do what they need the most but If its to hybrid I don't think I'm the one cause like I've stated n a msg b4 I had a abnormal pregnancy and I lost it. I had just started b.c.pills & I was 19 I'm 24 & I've not took any type of b.c. Since and I still haven't had a baby. Idk what to believe though I was raised up believing n Jesus Christ but as i have grown older I have grew to believe that there is a huge possibility in life outside this world we live. We can't be the only living beings n the entire galaxy. I don't feel freaked out now after reading all the stories nor did I n my dream like remembrance of the ufo. I'd love to talk to someone who might know alot more about the matter & I am sorry to have such a long story but like my o man says u explain every lil thing when u talk or text. I've always been a ppl person & am good with psychology and also get a bad feeling about somethings an sometimes I'm glad I listened to my vibe's. I have rather good health other than fibromyalgia and the nerve n my neck that gets pinched. Still look up at the night sky and sometimes I see a big light and I get this feeling its a ufo & they know I c them but I've never took it any farther than I have today. First time coming all the way out with my story. If anyone else has advice plz feel free to reach out to me on here my name is Gena. Thank u so much for all ur stories just blows my mind on how many ppl who have also had this happen at a young age.....

  42. Gena Dube 29 August 2014 at 09:23

    Next I was with my accident prone aunt again lol but this time on a four-wheeler n the first snow of that winter we hit black ice flipped it & we both hit our heads o I didn't tell u we was not wearing helmets like re re's we r but I came to sit up and look beside me to see her doing the same I was thinking thank u god she is alive I seen the see 4- wheeler but I thought it was on all 4 when we got to my nannys she told me it was flipped upside down & that I alone managed to flip it over but I didn't remember doing that cause I told my nanny we didn't flip I thought it was on as all 4 when we came to. Had cat scan done I was fine had a small contusion & she had blood on her brain. That's 2 I walked away from. The 3rd one I was alone driving 55mph mad n the flood of 2010 n TN & I hydroplaned across a bridge & I knew I was screwd when I had the wheel at tight grip & no handle I let go and aloud said daddy be with me god save me I managed to hit a brick column on passenger side I had went over 50ft & totaled my 2002 3door Saturn on someone's 4ft tall brick mailbox after the bridge I was looking for my cellphone it had flew into pieces a man stopped & called 911 as I am out looking in & around for battery & phone like nothing happened the ambulance begged me to go with them to get checked out but I said I'm fine I ain't going. I thought I had my dad or god looking over me all 3 times. Now I think maybe these aliens knewn I was a strong willed person even at 8-9 yrs old if so then they r very very smart beings maybe they have picked us out to do what they need the most but If its to hybrid I don't think I'm the one cause like I've stated n a msg b4 I had a abnormal pregnancy and I lost it. I had just started b.c.pills & I was 19 I'm 24 & I've not took any type of b.c. Since and I still haven't had a baby. Idk what to believe though I was raised up believing n Jesus Christ but as i have grown older I have grew to believe that there is a huge possibility in life outside this world we live. We can't be the only living beings n the entire galaxy. I don't feel freaked out now after reading all the stories nor did I n my dream like remembrance of the ufo. I'd love to talk to someone who might know alot more about the matter & I am sorry to have such a long story but like my o man says u explain every lil thing when u talk or text. I've always been a ppl person & am good with psychology and also get a bad feeling about somethings an sometimes I'm glad I listened to my vibe's. I have rather good health other than fibromyalgia and the nerve n my neck that gets pinched. Still look up at the night sky and sometimes I see a big light and I get this feeling its a ufo & they know I c them but I've never took it any farther than I have today. First time coming all the way out with my story. If anyone else has advice plz feel free to reach out to me on here my name is Gena. Thank u so much for all ur stories just blows my mind on how many ppl who have also had this happen at a young age.....

  43. Anonymous 29 August 2014 at 10:02

    Ok, here's my bizarre experience. Recently I woke up at 4:01 in the morning with a really weird unusual feeling, felt a little drugged or something. I opened my eyes slowly and thought i was hearing a soft zooming sound outside my window, also had the idea there was a light outside slowly zooming away. But i'm not sure if it was the train from a railroad a few hundred meters from my house. I could remember parts of my dream very well which was really weird. One part was I was in a dentist practice together with some people. The other part I was running for my life in and through old abanded spooky dirty train.The second part someone tried to kill me with a hammer and a file. I remember I did fight back and killed my attacker, the metal file scattered in thousand pieces. About the drugged feeling, many years ago i have been undergoing surgery in a hospital, I remember I was waking up a little to early from the amnesia still with breathing pipes in my troat. Now, right afterwards my weird dream i ad about the same feeling. really really weird. absolutely just not another kind of feeling just than 'feeling sleepy'.

  44. Gena Dube 29 August 2014 at 13:21

    I have been on xanax, valium, & kalonopin since age 13 because the psychologist my mom made me talk to determined I was severely mentally & physically abused mentally from all the years of whoopings & mouth smashings. But it was her & daddy that had mental problems from heavy pain killers booze & whatever they could get high on & daddy was bout to loose me to mom & he found out his fiancé was cheating & guess he thought that killing himself was better idk what he was thinking it wasn't that he was only killing himself he was slowly killing me too. He left me at home alone thinking he was gone to get his fiancé & would b home that night so we could spend next day 2gether wit me after he took her back home b4 turning himself n. I was only 12, i woke up to see her a sleep on the couch & daddy not with her & she didn't see him the night b4 really got to me & I knew daddy was dead cause I always was with dad so if he tried to do it then id beg him not to but this one time I didn't wanna go wit him he follows threw with it he called 3 ppl & no 1showed & I blamed myself cause I was selfish of my childish needs to stay & play with soon2b sister instead of goin wit him on the Las night b4 doing 90days. So after this was pointed out to the dr. I was put on them damn pills i didn't volunteer to tell them about the ufo i saw at 8-9 before the pills they give me. I just chose to keep it to myself cause they already put me on pills that made me forget how i felt & i didn't want to be n a mental hospital on top of it cause I remembered watching a ufo slowly stop above my g'mas home then it left faster than it arrived but also it felt like they didn't leave me like they found me now there is only one lil thing that's weird is I never dream anymore I just remember bits & pieces of what happened. I might have a dream or 2 a yr but i know i wasn't dreaming cause i remembered seeing it & thinking oh no & then i felt safe & watched it fly off. idk if my short term was wiped or what cause i was outside waiting for my aunt& she has never been on time my entire life she always 2 or more hrs than her given arrival time & still is til tho day. so idk y i feel like it was like she pulled up shortly after i watched it fly off. So I've always a strange feeling i was waiting longer than what i thought i really waited for her but til today i didn't really question what all happened.... One day i guess we will see i don't fear nothing not even death its a strange thing too

  45. Anonymous 28 September 2014 at 21:37

    Is there a doctor or someone who may be able to actually help me? I have tried writing a couple of official agencies and have gotten no response. I don't really want to recount my "incidents" but I don't know how to getin touch with someone who could help. I had a profession once. I left my career because of the episodes. I would like to talk to anyone who knows anything about implants and how to get them out. I am not willing to identify myself in anyway until I know if I may be helped. I also refuse to discuss my experiences. I don't want to appear frantic and desperate but if there is someone who could help or even direct me to someone who can.....I really would be grateful.

  46. Anonymous 1 October 2014 at 23:53

    I think I have an implant..I'm going to try n cut it out myself and take pictures with a microscope..idk what else to do...

  47. A Life of Alien Contact and Abduction 12 November 2014 at 09:03

    Hi anonymous, thought your comment deserved it's own blog post. Click the link to visit the page.

  48. 73rd 31 December 2014 at 11:32

    Hi there, I noticed that comment moderation has been enabled and I'd really love a response. I came across your site a short while ago and wanted to share my story. I actually wrote a short book on some of the symptoms that I've experienced as a result of abduction, although there are no signs of objects being present within my system (not to say that I've checked but I am intrigued).

    Anyway it would be great to hear from you, either here or via my blog and I'd love to share my story. Thank you

  49. Anonymous 7 February 2015 at 11:51

    Hey everyone, I am 30yrs old from Falkirk Scotland in the uk, Falkirk is famous for ufo sightings and has around 2000 sightings a year even to this day.. google the "falkirk triangle" and you will see what I mean.. Ok so here goes.. I have never really spoken about my experiences as I have always thought people would think i am a complete nutjob..but people close to me know I am different in a spiritual way.. There is so much to tell that I really do not know where to begin..

    Since a very young child I have had premonitions or dreams about apocalyptic scenarios.. And events in my life that actually happen, I have a deep sense about people and know things about things I have little to zero experience of.. I predict things daily that come true and this freaks my partner out, I even knew since a child what her face would look like before I even met her etc.. Since a child I have had dreams of flying above my town or flying up in the air away from situations of danger.. I have had outer body experiences to where I have seen myself from above etc.. sleep paralysis etc..

    I have never been really sick or ever broken a bone.. I have seen many ufo sightings over the years with many other witnesses.. Some coming as close at approx 200ft from the ground.. I have no recollection of abduction but I have a gut feeling I have been on numerous occasions, I have little rice like things under the skin on both forearms and thighs, they feel foreign to my body. I also experience inner ear ringing and almost like i am picking up static or frequencies. I sometimes have debilitating pains in the side of my brain like a vibration or tremor..

    These happen when i am in built up areas or cities or towns.. Since I moved further away from highly populated areas I suffer less from these "brain pains" as I call them.. I have always thought I was adopted as i have always felt like i do not belong here.. I am captivated by the sky and stars at night, so drawn to the sky with a sadness..

    I also have an overwhelming feeling like i am here to help people or to be of importance in a mass situation to come in the future (does anyone else on here have this feeling?) I know this sounds crazy but I am just explaining everything as best I can as I would love to understand what is happening to me.. Electrical items break or malfunction a lot around me but I can also fix things very easily..

    Lights blow with me constantly, street lamps blink out when I drive past.. I can normally predict what someone is just about to say and say it first no matter how random it is.. so many things I can barely list them all at once. i have a strange connection with numbers and I see a lot of double digits and triple digits as if something in the universe is communicating with me on a daily basis..

    These number frequencies also aid me in knowing when bad things will happen or not. As I get older these experiences have become more and more intense and I would love someone to be able to tell me exactly what they think is happening to me, I know it cannot be in my head as my partner is very aware of my situation and is baffled by it also.. If anyone else has these things happen please help me understand if this is a bad thing or a good thing.. It feels good but I just want to know as it has bothered me my whole memorable lifetime.. many thanks..

  50. Angelica Sanderson 18 February 2015 at 05:21

    Hello let me start by telling you about my first ufo sighting. It was back in 2011 or 2012 in the summer time . I had just arrived at my parents house and my friend that i grew up with was there visetting my older brother. Idk why but we both went outside and started talking. My dads friend was also there viseting. He came outside to take a leak and i asked his why he didnt just use it inside. As i was asking this i noticed a light in the sky moving.

    I asked both of them what they thought it was. My dads friend said its just an air plane or a satellite and he went inside. I knew it wasnt. Me and my friend noticed the light getting closer and brighter and faster and boom it just stopped and was hovering 60ft to 100ft away from us it looked kinda like a floresent colored light. . We just stared at it and wouldnt look away.

    I remember thinking of wanting to go touch it. As i was about to take a step the thing shot right towards outer space . We were both shocked not knowing what to think we went inside to tell everyone and the first thing they asked was what we were doing out therd and where did we go... I have seen more ufo over the years and have had many failed pregnancys. My most recent one was in August 2014.

    I went to the doctor and she said congratulations but I knew I was going to be disaponted by the end of the month and I was on October 30th 2014 i was no longer pregnant. I have dreams of a baby boy for a couple years now and the boy keeps getting older over the years.

    I have had dreams of flying and of ETs, i have awoken with anxiety and panic, i often have ear akes and hear a ringing sound that no-one else hears, i have woken to find bruses shaped oddly and in odd places, I wake up sore and have pains around my thighs, legs, arms, hips, neck, and back. I have a feeling of purpose but dont know what it is, i have a passion for the environment and all animals in it.

    I know i have a purpose, and one day i will find out what that is.

  51. Anonymous 20 February 2015 at 08:25

    I have no past memory of any UFO sighting or abduction happening to me.. But what I can tell you is I have a strange scar on my back that my girlfriend pointed out to me a few years ago, its in the form of 3 dots arranged to form a triangle. They're like raised bits of skin, not punctures or scoops. Almost like burn scars or something of the sort.

    In the center of the triangle is one of my vertebrae, and it hurts to press on the area. I am wondering if I have a device implanted in me and had my memories completely wiped? I have no idea how long I have had the scar, since it was on my back and my girlfriend pointed it out about 3 years ago, I could have had it for much longer. My childhood memories are also rather foggy, as I am 19 at the moment, but aren't everyone's memories kind of foggy up until 9 or 10 years of age?

  52. sean Wolthers 26 February 2015 at 22:44

    Ok so, I've scoured the Internet for something semi relevant to what a has happened to me, I have no other choice in my mind but to think something 4D? I wIke up in the middle of the night by this crazy intense burning on my left forearm and was left with this round blister/burn on arm? Any ideas, I'm kinda freaking out btw...

  53. Anonymous 6 March 2015 at 08:40

    Same exact things happen to me. The same dreams same feelings I thought I was going crazy until I read this

  54. Anonymous 16 March 2015 at 19:02

    I have been wondering about myself lately. I don't want to think anything has happened to me. I remember when I was 5 or 6 seeing spinning lights outside my open bedroom window, my parents said it was a dream. I have always been able to feel something under the skin of my left cheek, others can feel it too but we have no idea when it got there and never examined. I have on many different occasions seen unexplained things in the sky, some witnessed by others and some apparently only for me. I have also always felt the fear of being watched, I never feel fully alone.

    When I was little I dreamed of falling frequently towards nothing. There was no ground, no sky, it was just nothingness. And as an adult I'm still terrified of heights and will panic if it's too dark around me. I have had anxiety attacks when everyone is asleep at night as well.

    The past year has really been a test. I have to visit a neurologist in a few weeks. I have been getting severe nausea and vertigo and occasionally lose my vision for a few seconds. I have also been hearing buzzing like a bee in my ears at bedtime and see flashes of blue lights. I have already done the basic physical and eye tests, all normal.

    Sorry for the long post. I just have refrained from talking about most of this and wanted to let it out somewhere. I also noticed and odd thing with bluetooth. If I pass by my electronics that are playing on a Bluetooth speaker, they tend to cut out until I move.

  55. Chris Earle 7 April 2015 at 19:13

    Hi ive witnessed many encounters with Ufo and also had telepathic communication where i was drawn t certain areas where they woulc turn up.I have been suffering from stomach pains and weird pains in my right side of my lower back i have no recollection of being taken but i always knew id been tagged as they knes where i was when i would go to thd areas where i was told t go.I have just found out i have a chip in my lower back where i get the pain i suffer now from not being able t sleep and feel constantly drained and have had shadow people around me i also get a humming and buzzing noise in my home and i feel a electrical static in the air also feel im being watchd constantly.

  56. Anonymous 11 April 2015 at 14:43

    Omg!!!! I've had those symptoms for 2 weeks!!!! I can't sleep properly.... I hear ringing and humming in one ear... and I wake up scared... I can't sleep with the lights off.... :(

  57. Anonymous 4 May 2015 at 20:49

    I seen strange lights in the sky and ufos. I had dreams of being abducted by aliens. I suffered sleep paralysis, nightmares and insomnia/sleep apnea. I remember seeing green humanoid aliens with black eyes. What race/species of aliens they are in the universe? I can not find anything about little green men online. I do not have implants. My mom has an impant on her head near or on the ear. It is an indented hole. I remember strange lights stalking us at night while we were driving to go see people around the holidays. How do I know if I am still being abducted by aliens?

  58. Anonymous 3 June 2015 at 14:45

    I don't think I've been taken and I don't know if to believe in other beings for I have no visual experience.. But for years I've had a lump more like a implant its small I can move it around alilttle sometimes it bothers me it get red and itchy my family want me to remove but am alilttle nervous about all that

  59. Alyssa Briggs 9 June 2015 at 14:37

    I'm not understanding why my comments won't post. I'll type a few words then does something funny. Weird stupid post a comment section. These comments and article explains a lot. Not sure how I stumbled across it but I'm excited I have.

  60. 12vn 9 June 2015 at 14:55

    Hi Alyssa, the problem with the comments is most probably the new "I'm not a robot" spam captcha box that blogger has implemented. It times-out every now and then. I wish they would just take it off as it is annoying but its out of my hands. Thanks for commenting.

  61. Alyssa Briggs 9 June 2015 at 21:55

    Would most likely explain it. Thank you.

  62. Anonymous 17 June 2015 at 10:13

    For as long as I can remember, I have experienced sleep paralysis regularly. It is always quite frightening, though more often than not nothing really happens other than the short period of being unable to move or speak. Several years ago I had a sleep paralysis episode where I felt as though something was scratching at the inside of my right ear, as if to work its way under the skin. I remember that it was extremely painful and the pain lasted for a short time even after the sleep paralysis had ended while I was awake. I hadn't really thought much about since then, until yesterday.

    I had another episode of what I assumed was sleep paralysis; I couldn't move, couldn't speak, although I could actually see the room around me. Initially I was somewhat frightened as is usual, but then I told myself it was just another episode of sleep paralysis and calmed down somewhat. As soon as I had calmed down, I saw what appeared to be two alien beings walk into the room. They were quite tall, relatively humanoid in body structure, and had a green-ish skin tone. I was unable to get a very good look at their faces, however. I was laying on my left side, and they moved behind me where I couldn't see them. I heard them turn on some device that sounded like a sort of drill. The last thing I remember is feeling as though my head was being held in place as the drill was being brought in close to my right ear as if they were getting ready to drill into it.

    I am not generally the type of person who buys into this sort of thing, but my experience was quite vivid and has left me relatively disturbed. I am posting this anonymously because I am not keen to be seen as a "UFO nut" (I do not use that term to offend anyone here, it simply seems to me to be the generalization made by people who are judgmental of anyone claiming to have had an experience of the sort, which is unfortunate).

    I am not claiming that my experience was anything more than a peculiarly vivid dream, but when one has such a vivid and terrifying experience, one is inclined to be open minded to all possibilities. I know that I have absolutely no actual proof to have had the experience I am claiming to have had, but I thought this would be a relatively judgment free place to share. Aside from that, the fact of the matter is that real or no these types of experiences are widespread and have damaging effects, that alone warrants attention be paid to the subject no matter the cause. I can't personally comment on the issue of finding what appears to be a physical implant, as I have not had that experience. I would, however, assume that if implanting is in fact real then based on my experience it has likely happened to me. I do take the whole experience with what I consider a healthy amount of skepticism, as I know that the mind is capable of strange tricks, but as I mentioned earlier, such an experience understandably engenders somewhat greater degrees of open-mindedness.

  63. Arthur Arunas Norvaisas 27 June 2015 at 11:37
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  64. Anonymous 18 August 2015 at 15:17

    My name is John when I was a small child I had nightmares about the slimy piss monster that would take me away at night from my bed he was gray mom would find me in the basement screaming I sleep on the 2nd floor of our home . In the late 60 early 70 I went to lake Santclare snuck out at 3:00 in the morning from my tent with my friend from my back yard at 11 or 12 years old went to 9 mile and Jefferson to fish.

    We got lines in the water and saw a ligh in,on,or,above the water whitest brite light I ever saw it was coming at us from out on the lake a good distance 1/4 mile or so fast and was on us and then nothing.At daybreak we where down the canal on waste discharge side of the pier 1000ft from our bikes and poles cold confused and have only the idea that it was a helicopter in our heads.

    My friend and I where in my house in 20012 and he asked if I remembered that night and light and I said yes . 40 years had passed we had stayed close friends and never spoke of that since it happened then he ask if I saw a helicopter I said that I only had the impression that is what it was but never remember seeing one he said the same I have scop marks and other time loss. Wondering in Michigan why me?

  65. Arthur Arunas Norvaisas 27 August 2015 at 14:42
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  66. Anonymous 18 February 2016 at 14:00

    I also have had a strong knowing of being here to help others. I live very frugally because my only drive seems to be to help others, and just live my daily life. I've known this since I was very young.

    I am a negative blood type, and have just about all the traits of a "negative" . I don't feel that I am of a reptilian based negative blood. Though, as a child, I encountered beings in our apt complex area that were cloaked all in black, with glowing red eyes. I've always felt watched and followed at all times. A few years later as a child, I recall my mother coming into my bedroom to wake me for school, and as I threw the covers off my head, I would see a blue wisp of light leaving my room. Always had a stomach ache during this time, and eventually my parents took me to the doc who said it was growing pains. This went on for many months.

    I've had many flying "dreams" and one where I was being taught how to fly with nothing more than body mind. I should probably add that I am an epileptic, and it is hereditary in my family. I've always been concerned with my extreme lack of memory. I thought it was due to the seizures, but I'm just not so sure now. There are many things I could describe as dreams, although most I don't consider that. I have had a dream where a strange man in a lab coat next to a metal table handed me a child and told me it was mine. This child looked very much like my children did at that same age.

    I have made note of many rimes feeling extreme fatigue that my only choice was to lay down and fall into an immediate "dream". One of those times took me to my back yard where I noticed a white craft just above me. I yelled at the human looking people to leave "my" airspace, and when they didn't, just like wonder woman, I flew or more like rose to the craft, went thru the structure and again told them to leave. They never spoke to me, and I didn't know how to leave the craft, so I insisted they put me back on ground and leave. They finally did and I woke up. That lasted 15 minutes, and the exhaustion was gone.

    I do have a scoop mark on my right knee, and other brown colored permanent rash appearing spots. They are not actual rashes, but appear like that. I also have severe pains and ringing in my ears, like being stabbed with an ice pick. My reaction is to grab my ear and just hope it goes away as fast as it came on, and usually in about 30 seconds, it does. No one else around me hears the ringing. I am clairvoyant, and have been clairaudient. I see flashes of lights, all different colors, all the time.

    There is some sort of star APPEARING light in the sky each night that goes all over the sky slowly, but never same direction as the rest of the stars. I've used the house corner to line it up with, or the roof line of the neighbors house, and it definetly travels around as if it comes closer, or higher, or sometimes a bit further to the north or south. It seems like they are there watching me.

    I saw in completeness a wreck I was to have, and I was told I would be fine. My husband took a pic of me next to my car and once developed a strange beam of light shown in the image exactly where my car was t-boned. I knew all the details about this event prior to its occurrance, down to the details of the salvage yard where my car would be located. There are many other things in my life that I'm just confused about, but I have no idea how to figure them out beyond remembering what I've forgotten. I have enjoyed reading others accounts. Thanks!:)

  67. Anonymous 20 February 2016 at 10:13

    I have a question. Is it possible that a person could be sitting with their family, watching TV, and one be abducted without anyone realizing it?

  68. Unknown 17 March 2016 at 23:56

    I'm not sure about this but when I was 6 before my 7th birthday just days before I woke up one night to slimer from ghostbusters on my bedroom wall waving and calling over to me I remember it was dark out with a very bright light and fog inside and out I remember looking out the window and seeing only black. I remember looking all over the room thinking my older brother was messing with me but he wasn't home. I remember checking the top bunk bed under the bed in the closet and he wasn't there. Then slimer waved me to come to him and as I started he went through the wall I turned to go out the bedroom door and follow him and there was a black figure about the same height as me that became visible when there were flashes of light almost like lightning but there was no clap afterward when I seen the figure I felt an overwhelming fear and ran to my bed and covered my head with the blanket I peaked out and it was at the doorway I covered again when I uncovered my face a second time it was staring down at me and then it went black. I still remember my parents telling me repeatedly it wasn't real and to stop talking about it and telling people about it. I'm 33 now and didn't talk or tell anyone about it until I was almost 30 and I don't think it was the last time and now I wonder about my children my oldest started having night terrors when he was 9 months old until he was about three and for some reason it made me wonder if it's connected some how

  69. Sue 29 March 2016 at 16:49

    I have been an Abductee since June 6, 1996. I have constant contact and life has been a constant Hell since this date. I documented all my experiences and I have some really Paranormally Photos on my blog. I keep the Blog going daily in support of other Abductees. My beliefs are the only way to beat them is to wake up. They have us controlled an programmed big time and just lately I am starting to recognize their programming and avoided it. For nineteen years I did all kinds of research on Alien Abductions and I never heard of Fibromyalgia until yesterday. If you think you have been Abducted Google Fibromyalgia and see if you have the Symptoms. I have all of them. I have all kinds of evidence at my Blog.

  70. Anonymous 2 April 2016 at 13:56

    Who is to say that there is eve a "Jesus"?? Couldn't it be possible if these things are out there that this..all of us all of this was all their doing? Their plan? Their work or pleasure?!

  71. BLACKGOD 11 May 2016 at 06:09

    Ic always wondered!!

  72. Anonymous 20 May 2016 at 19:00

    Something cam out of my back last night. it looked like a fine piece of metal. It was surrounded by tissue as well. I saw someone's above comment that said she had had several miscarriages... So have i before i had my first child. She also said that she has fibromyalgia... Me too, found this out during a c-section of my last child. i loose track of time, never forget one day i was extremely sleepy and fell asleep me and my son. We lost 7 hours in the middle of the day. Some days i have insomnia. A lot of folks stories on here sound like mines.

  73. Dereka Heath 20 May 2016 at 19:10

    i thought i placed a comment... I forgot, google wants to censor me... Something came out of my back last night. i was surrounded by tissue and it looked like a fine wire. it was almost metallic like because once i held it under the light it glistened. Someone above said they have Fibromyalgia- Me too, found that out last c- section birth with my son. I too have also have had multiple miscarriages. i have instances of missing time. Exausted for no reason, insomnia, and etc.