Strange Smoke Mist

Strange Smoke Mist

My name is Krishna, I am from INDIA

This is summer when incident happened at night. probable we use to sleep at the top stairs at night due to the heavy heat inside the house where we stay and me n dad used to sleep at the top of the building often till the summer season goes off. But one day at around 11;00 clock night my dad had gone down for the washroom , I thought he would be return as soon but he is not, dad has slept in the bedroom. And almost it is last in night (may be I think around 2:00 o' clock) I started moving here and there as I am hearing strange sounds I am not excited to open the eyes to see what really it is ? .And sudden sound has disappear .After some time suddenly I heard the voice of the crow making sound largely I thought that the it becoming morning becoz of bird usually make noise when sun rising.

I just opened my eyes and I had seen here and there and it is unbelievable there are no birds except one black crow making sound and searched for birds I heard the sound outside stairs to the main road but i found nothing. Becoz of fear again i am going to sleep, suddenly I spot the white colour smoke approx 25 meters away from me i thought it was just a smoke it is spreading very fast just like light and it spread on me and it is try to get into my body and noticed that in that time it is impossible to move at least 1 cm also I tried lot but nothing works and after some time I become unconscious and not know I what happened and it is 7:00 clock in morning when i woke in morning and remembered everything except that what happened after that i see that I told to my mom and dad they says that is the bad dream u have late night.

For sure i remembered that my dad has gone down for sake of the washroom, even i told to the my friends they also says the same that might be the dream.but i known it is not dream and after that next day i wanted to sleep upstairs wanted to see what really it is, this time i even slept I waited till the 2:00 clock it again appeared i was confirmed that it is a not a dream it is real and f*ck and tried to run from the upstairs but it came about me and it gone again tried to go inside the body and after that when i woke up i remember the whole incident except the after that I see the white in colour smoke.

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