Extraterrestrial Sighting Story From UK

Extraterrestrial Sighting Story From The UK

From: Gerald

I know that most people will not believe a word I say, but I am not bothered, I know what I saw and I have the proof. On Thursday morning (03-03-2011) I was walking through Cannon Hill Park, Russell Road, Moseley, Birmingham, in the West Midlands, UK, where I live. I was on my way to an appointment, the weather was very sunny but chilly, the time was 9-30 am. I was just walking minding my own business when I noticed a very peculiar looking creature lurking near some bushes. The thing was roughly 20 meters away and was just lurking around very close to some bushes, it looked nervous and frightened and worried and was looking around as though it didn't know what to do. I could not believe what I was seeing, I was not scared or frightened, my heart was beating a bit fast and I felt a bit shaky, but more than anything I could just not believe what I was seeing, I looked around to see if anyone else was around but there was no one around.

I stood and looked at the thing for roughly 10-15 seconds before I just thought I have to get a photo of this. I got my mobile phone from my pocket and quickly went into the camera, I pointed the camera at the creature and zoomed in fully, I took a shot and then had to wait for 2-3 seconds as the image processed itself and saved itself, I then pressed back and went to take another shot. By this time the creature had turned and was slowly walking off, I took a second shot and again I had to wait 2-3 seconds again, I pressed back and went to take a 3rd photo, but when I looked up the creature was no where to be seen. I stood there glued to the spot for about 1 minute feeling very uneasy about what I had just seen, I remember clearly thinking over and over again I just cant believe what I have just seen. I thought about heading towards the bushes to look and see if I could see the thing, but something told me not to go any where near there, sort of like a voice or gut feeling saying don't go over there, just get away from here and this Extraterrestrial looking thing.

So that is what I did, I just carried on walking through the park on my way. I saw an elderly couple a few minutes after I saw the creature and actually stopped them and told them what had just happened, I even showed them the photos on my phone, they just looked at me like I was crazy and said nothing and just walked off sort of laughing at me in disbelief. The actual creature itself was Extraterrestrial in appearance, roughly 4 feet in height, covered in what looked like thick black and grey fur, it had a bald-ish head which looked like a grey colour and there was a lump sticking out across and over the creatures eyes, it had what looked like very pointy ears, I could clearly see a nose and mouth, and the creature had very bright glowing red lights coming from it's eyes which seemed to grow and diminish in size, I could see no neck, it seemed to have its head tucked in its shoulders.

I know what I saw sounds ridiculous and I would not believe it myself if I heard the story, but I don't care, I know what I saw and I have photographic evidence, this is not the sort of thing you should see walking through a park in broad daylight. The photos make the creature look greenish, the colour of the thing was actually black and grey, I suspect this is probably just a combination of sunlight reflecting the green grass and surrounding plants onto the creature itself, I'm guessing that distance is probably a factor and also the zoom was locked on full, and the photo is only taken on a cheap mobile phone, I wish I would have had a movie camera with me to show the actual thing walking, it was incredible to witness.

If people want to ridicule me, that's OK with me, I know what I saw, it was not something from this planet, I am convinced that what I saw was an Alien creature, what other explanation is there? Several people have already ridiculed me, and accused me of been a liar, but like I said, I don't care, I know what happened to me was real. My mum says it could be a baby big foot as she thinks it looks very much ape like I do not want to hazard a guess at what I saw, except to say that I believe the creature was Extraterrestrial in origin.

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