My UFO Experience

I'd Swear to This

f there's something that amazes me, it's that whenever I tell this story, how many people nod and say, "yeah, I've seen something like that".

One Saturday evening in October of 1975 myself and 3 friends were walking our dates home from a rollerskating party sponsored by our Catholic school. OK, well only one of us had a date, and it wasn't me, but we'd walk back from these rollerskating parties via the railroad tracks and hop over onto the street that the girl of our lucky friend lived on.

We'd wait while he walked her to the door and kick our sneakers talking about the party, or plans for the remainder of the weekend. Back then these always involved Baseball, you know, just kids stuff. This evening was no different up until the point we realized we were suddenly under a bright light. As it was a dark street, I wondered if a streetlight just popped on, this happened once in a while back then, there were no sodium type street lights the kind that brighten slowly.

When we all looked up, there was a huge, very bright, perfectly round, yellow light shining directly over our heads. At first we just couldn't speak. It appeared to be up about 50 to 100 feet or so, but who knows for sure. It was the same color yellow as a regular light bulb, and when one of us spoke, me at first, I said, "I know what that is, it's a helicopter, they have a big single lights like that". One of my friends pointed out, that helicopters make noise and move, and this was doing neither. I knew he was right and that I threw out the explanation more for comfort than anything else.

We continued to look up, and were really starting to get scared now after it sunk in that we had no idea what this was. One of us said, "let's just look away for a second and see what happens". We did that and when we looked back up again, it was gone, without a sound. It was just like someone turned off a light switch! It seemed like a few minutes that this thing was up there, probably for one to three minutes as we'd had time for that short conversation.

It definitely seemed as though we were being observed. On the way home we speculated as to what it was, theories ranged from a secret Govt. craft, to a message from God that we'd better straighten out (we were impressionable young Catholic schoolboys after all). For some reason, we never mentioned what I felt we all thought it really was, which was some kind of space ship.

I think we'd have felt like we would have lost a grip on reality if we'd said it out loud. It would be a great story if I could tell you that I woke up with memories of being abducted, or I had strange dreams for years to come, but none of that happened. As far as I remember, we never talked about it among the four of us again. Anyway, as a result, I've always been open minded to extra terrestrial life possibilities, but have never had any other major experiences. It's not the most exciting UFO story, but I'll tell you this, it's true.

Report a UFO Sighting: 11 Simple Steps

Regardless of your beliefs, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are fascinating things to investigate. Some people may think they are aliens from outer space or secret spy planes. One day, you may actually see one and have a need to report it. The question is: How do you report a UFO Sighting?
Here are simple steps anyone can follow:

1. Do not hold your breath...breathe and STAY CALM. If there are witnesses with you, ask if they see what you are seeing. If the answer is yes, keep watching and do not take your eyes off it!

2. Record it! Most people nowadays have a cellphone that can record video and/or take pictures. Get it out and use it. This is major proof. You want people to believe you. Got a Smartphone with an excellent camera? Even better! Get those pixels to work.

3. Glance at your watch quickly. You need to note the time the sighting occurred so that investigators can piece together the information with other witnesses you are unaware of. This will definitely make your report seem more reliable with other witnesses are reporting the sighting around the same time.

4. The time the sighting ended. Just as important as knowing the time the sighting occurred is knowing the time the sighting ended. This doubles your credibility if other witnesses confirm the same thing.

5. Describe the appearance and movements. What did it look like? How big was it? What shape was it? Did you see any lights? Did it hover or speed back and forth?

6. Draw it. Try drawing it. If you were lucky, you had a camera or camcorder handy.

7. Where were you and where was it. Pinpoint your exact location. How far away were you from the object? Was it in the air the whole time or did it land?

8. Describe the weather and type of day or night it was. Was it hot out? Cold? Was it raining? Windy? Cloudy? Sunny?

9. List any other witnesses. If there are other witnesses with you, write down everyone's contact information.

10. Have other witnesses write their own report. If other witnesses are with you, each should separately write their own reports.

11. Report your sighting. Distribute only copies of reports, recordings and photos. Keep originals in a safe place, never giving them to anyone. It is recommended that you report your sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center ( On their website, you can use the on-line UFO Report Form and if the sighting has occurred within the last week, you can call the Hotline: (206) 722-3000.Alternatively, you can report it here on 12vn if you want others to read about it. The story, pictures and footage (if any) will be posted to this website. Fill out the form or write about your sighting in a comment box on any of the posts.

My UFO Sighting In Illinois

One night, over the skies of Illinois, I had my experience seeing something in the sky I couldn't explain. My husband was working the third shift and I was unemployed; for this reason, 3:30 A.M. conversations were not unusual.

One early morning, while we were chatting, I found myself looking out our large, west-facing, picture window and watching two very large diamond shaped lights, hovering midair, next to each other. I'm not sure how long they hung in this position; but after a while they started to move diagonally to the right while maintaining their side by side position.

I watched them until they were completely out of sight. I didn't hear them make any noise, if there was any sound to hear, and I never came across anyone else who had seen the same sight. I don't know what it was and have never seen anything like it since that night.

Weird Fake Alien Encounter Albuquerque

Sent in by someone with too much time on their hands!

On the night of 15 July 1994 I was walking down a highway outside of Albuquerque, NM. It was approximately 9:45 PM. I was far enough away from the city lights that I had a fairly clear view of the night sky. It was clear that night, so I was gazing up admiring the stars. It was at this point that I saw an unidentified flying object (UFO). At first, I believed it to be a large meteorite. It shot down from near the top of the sky glowing and with a burning tail behind it - such as a shooting star.

It was only when it came to a complete stop in the center of the sky did I realize otherwise. As it hovered there, it began to change colors and emit a peculiar humming sound. The colors went from white to yellow to red to blue to green and then back again to white. This it did in sequence with each color lasting about thirty seconds. The sound was like that of a humming bird of huge proportions, or like that of several humming birds of standard size. After the UFO had sequenced through its colors five times, it remained white and the humming ceased.

I was suddenly enveloped in a lime green light which drew me up to the UFO. I was not afraid as while I was in the beam the music of Chuck Mangione was being played. (I do not suspect that aliens have what we would call elevator muzak, but that they new enough about Earth customs to play it for my benefit). After a few minutes in the beam, I was taken aboard their vessel which, due to the light, I was unable to see clearly. Once I was aboard, I was introduced the ship's captain and her xenocultural officer. (These extraterrestrials appeared nothing like those we hear about so often in abduction reports.

These aliens resembled large birds more than anything else). The captain and her officer explained that they were from a world called Oklakzopkopokz which orbits a star the we call Delta Vega (in their language it is Kongchipokzikizkizkziz) and that they were on a mission to learn more about Earth culture. Thinking this was a very fine thing (and not being a little flattered) I agreed to answer their questions. It turns out that they only had one question. "What is Chuck Norris's middle name?" It was my deep regret that I was unable to tell them as I didn't know it. They said that it was quite alright and that they appreciated my time anyway. In gratitude they told me the secrets of the universe and gave me a ride into Albuquerque.

At some point in the summer of 1994 I was sitting on my porch looking at the stars. Suddenly this large orange light appeared in the sky. It was about ten times larger than the stars. A few moments later it shot away at a very high speed. I'm unsure what it was (hence, it was true UFO). It may have been some sort of jet or something of that nature. Could it have been aliens? Sure, I suppose. However, without more information I prefer to remain skeptical.

Is The Slenderman Real or Fake?

From the ancient mythological characters to the present urban legends, human history is filled with references to characters who possess supernatural powers and unique features that the common masses cannot even dream of. And one urban myth that is more popular than ever right now is the Slenderman. Though the character was created by one user Victor Surge by photo shopping two different images, the character soon became popular across a wide area as a paranormal figure and was soon associated with various mysterious events occurring over the centuries.


The initial picture created by Victor Surge was of a faceless man who was exceptionally thin and super long limbs that made him look unnatural. Later, several features were added to the physical appearance of the Slenderman by people who reported having seen him. According to the myth that is popular presently, the Slenderman appears as a faceless, hairless, white man who wears a dark black suit with white shirt and a dark coloured tie.

Apart from the fact his hands and legs are too long to be normal, he is also believed to have tentacles popping out from his back that he uses to frighten and capture victims. Believers say that these tentacles can be contracted at will, so some may see it while others may not. They also believe in the fact that the Slenderman can make tendrils appear at the ends of the fingers, that usually ensnares the victims. He is believed to have the ability to extend to impossible lengths, in order to frighten the victims. He is also believed to have hypnotising powers that help him to his lure victims more easily.


Though several folklore's and historical references were associated with the Slenderman, yet according to the modern myth, sightings covered a huge area of the US and sometimes in the UK as well. Several reports were lodged is Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and other states where mysterious abductions, disappearances, suicides and damages were attributed to the Slenderman. Wooded areas seem to be a favourite Slender Haunt. Whatever the Slenderman may be, and whatever it's intentions really are, it is known to most people for attacking kids and youngsters, but no confirmation has yet been made on what he actually does with the victims. The alleged victims just disappear!

He is also believed to be associated with bridge collapses or mass suicides where he hypnotises the victims. Reports also say that the Slenderman has the ability to teleport and read the chosen targets mind.

The Origin

Though the myth resurfaced in 2009 with the creation of the photoshopped image by Victor Surge, several similarities have been noticed with cave paintings dated to 9000 BC in Brazil, Egyptian hieroglyphs as old as 5000 years old and several other such ancient texts, paintings, stories, etc.

Famous Slenderman case

Though the character was not himself involved in the case, the purported culprits (two school girls of 12) were reported to have stabbed a girl classmate of their age in order to convince the Slenderman to take them under his wing. Though the victim survived, the girls were tried for many years, right up to when they became women. The trials are presently under suspension.


Though the alleged encounters and activities of the Slenderman are quite an Internet craze right now, no solid evidence has ever been found about the existence of the man himself. Seeing is believing and thus, those who haven’t witnessed the phenomenal character first hand, often believe that it is fake and just a myth. This generations bogey man.

According to them, the fictional character was the result of Photoshop, and online horror story-tellers, helped tremendously by the Slenderman going viral, have kept the character very much alive and kicking to make more interesting stories, in spite of it most probably being fake in reality. But for all you Slender Man fans, there are games, movies (reviews for all, from 2013 - 2016 are terrible!), and many documentaries online that will keep you entertained for hours. Just don't play or watch them alone at night if you scare easily!

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