Friday, 23 October 2015

The Allagash Maine UFO Alien Abductions

This is one abduction that gives people chills up the spine. In 1976 four men went on a camping trip to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine, USA. Two of the men were twin brothers and the other two were just friends and not related. While camping one of the men spotted a white light (UFO) hovering above the tree line. The spotter told the rest of the men and they all observed the object from the lake / rivers edge for a few seconds before it suddenly just disappeared. The men thought it was strange and speculated for a while as to what it could have been, but after a while forgot about it and went on with their night.

Then two days after the sighting, and now with them being in a different location in the Allagash Wilderness, the four men proceeded to do some night fishing. They built a big bonfire at their camp site on the lake / rivers edge to act as a location marker of where to get back to when coming in from fishing on the river.  While the men were in the boat on the river, one of them had a feeling that something was behind him so he turned around and seen a bright ball of light that looked just like the UFO the group were observing a few nights ago. He told the rest of the guys and they all sat in the boat staring at this bright ball of light. One of the men then thought it would be a good idea to use his torch to try and communicate with this UFO by flashing the SOS signal directly toward it.

To their surprise, this light ball UFO actually responded, shining a beam down on them in the boat! It responded in the most scariest way possible. By coming after them! As you can imagine, once the UFO was coming to check them out, the men were in a panic and started paddling as fast as the could in the opposite direction trying to get away from this thing that was fast approaching. But all the paddling was to no avail as the UFO had gained too much ground and before they knew it they were engulfed in the beam of light.

After that moment, at the time the men all drew a blank as to what had just happened. They found themselves out of the boat and on the river bank looking up at the UFO. One of the men then tried to use his torch to signal the UFO again but this time the UFO ignored any more interaction with the men. They watched it take off in the sky and vanish, only to then reappear further up in the sky. Then after that it disappeared and never returned.

The men returned to the camp site where they had earlier made a big bonfire, but now the bonfire was nothing more than ash and hot coals. All the men claimed that they were only out on the river for around twenty minutes so it seemed impossible that the big bonfire could have burned out within that time frame. So its clear that the men have experienced missing time, quite possibly several hours. It also seemed like whatever the "UFO" was, it done something to the men's minds in order to make them not only calm, but not remember what had actually taken place during the time loss they had experienced.

It wasn't until over a decade later that two of the men, the two that were twin brothers, starting have nightmares about aliens, creatures, and in the dream seeing themselves and the friends that they went camping with in the Allagash Wilderness all in a room together, sitting down naked. The dreams got so intense that the men underwent hypnosis to see if the dreams had anything to do with the encounter they had with the UFO on the river all those years ago.

They found out that the dreams were memory's of the abduction. All the men had the same recollection of what happened. When the light engulfed them and their boat, they were taken up onto the UFO and placed in a room where they were all made to undress. In turn, all the men were "Operated" on by alien beings. The aliens acquired samples of the men's epidermis (Skin), blood and semen. All the men stated that while they were sitting in the "room" waiting for their turn to be operated on, they were totally powerless to resist and seemed to be almost paralysed to do anything other than just sit there and obey.

As scary as this case is, its actually quite a routine abduction and has many of the common signs and symptoms that many people who have been abducted experience. Time loss, being operated on, samples taken, can't remember anything, powerless to resist, and nightmares. I'm not sure if any of the men who were abducted have ever been tested for implants, but it would be a good idea as its very possible that they could have been "Tagged" with an implant somewhere in their bodies. And still have that implant to this day. The men were certainly abducted for long enough (Time loss of several hours) for implants to be a possibility.

Could it be that the most important operational procedure the "Aliens" carried out on the men (Inserting an Implant) is the memory that the aliens make permanently unrecallable as to make sure that the Implanted device is never discovered and removed..I mean, it took the men well over a decade to recall that something more than they remembered that night had even taken place. And then it took hypnosis for them to recollect the extraction of blood and semen samples that the aliens performed. So implants can't be ruled out as it seems these "Aliens" have a good, but not perfect "tool" for being able to rub out memories. Kinda makes you think that the memory erasing flash gun used in the Men In Black films could be real after all! Did Hollywood get the idea from alien technology...Who knows for sure. A book was written about the Allagash Alien Abductions which contains a lot of information that wasn't included in any of the Television accounts of the story.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Proof Of Aliens USOs Living In Earth

There have been reports and speculation for many years regarding this subject. Are there Aliens actually living inside the Earth. I'm sure you are aware of what the term U.F.O stands for (Unidentified Flying Object), but there is also such thing as a U.S.O (Unidentified Submerged Object). Military and Aircraft personnel, as well as normal civilians, have been reporting USO sightings for decades now. There are even pictures and video footage available to view online. In most cases the video footage looks to be fake but some of the images, like the ones in the video are believed to be genuine. Want a close look at some of the images check out the post that has pictures of the crafts on

The video below by Paranormal Crucible shows images from a Navy Submarine crew on board the USS Trepang in 1971 who claimed to have witnessed first hand UFOs / USOs going in and out of the sea. The images are very strange to say the least. The one at 1:53 is very interesting. The Antarctic has been under suspicion for a very long time.There are people who believe aliens have underground bases in many locations worldwide, some reachable under the sea, and some under the ice. Maybe they even have a base in the Middle Earth, as there is said to be a void there which spans thousands of miles..

Maybe all the tunnels lead to the same underground base / hidden world. Who knows for sure. In regards to the Antarctica USOs, there was an abduction case I can recall where the people who were abducted actually spoke to the aliens, and apparently the aliens communicated to the abductees and said "We (the aliens) came from Antarctica. There is a tunnel which travels under the South Pole, and that’s why you seen us coming out from the water." Read the full story about this abduction. Its the last story on that linked page. Or if you want more information on USOs just do a search on Youtube for UFO USO and you will get some interesting results.

Massive USOs have been seen leaving the water and taking off a speed into the sky, then becoming UFOs. One of the first men of the modern era to publicly try and shed light on secret society's, such as the Illuminati to the general public, Milton William (Bill) Cooper claimed that when he was in the military (Navy) he seen a Craft come flying out the water and take off into the sky. Some people thought he was nuts, but the truth was that he was far ahead of everyone else (most people) for his time.

Bill Cooper was an outspoken ex military whistle blower who had serious knowledge on secret society's, secret governments, aliens, cover ups, social engineering, mind control, and how the system is really run. And this was all before the main source, where we get most of our information from today, the Internet, was widespread and available in peoples homes (Late 80s). Today, people can appreciate Bill Cooper more because thanks to the Internet people are now better informed and can educate themselves a lot easier on such matters.

The Internet, and people hungry for the truth has also redeemed Bill Cooper in many ways because of the many excellent videos and channels that are out there on these subjects. Bill Cooper is now, by most seen for what he really was. And that was not a man who was crazy at all, although there are people who think he was delusional. He wasn't perfect by any means. But he was a man with knowledge that had been hidden from the public for a very long time, and a man who wasn't afraid to speak up about it.

And that knowledge had been kept so well hidden, so secret, that any - one - person trying to expose it at that time was looked at as crazy because it was too much for the average person to comprehend. However, it's now clear that he was just a man with a lot to say who was way ahead of anyone else (anyone willing to speak up anyway), that wanted people to know the truth. A lot of people believe that Bill's relentless mission to expose the truth was what ultimately led to his death.

If Bill Cooper seen a USO I tend to believe him because again, he seen a (USO) before the term USO was even created! He was a young man at the time. Later in his life he came to the conclusion that what he seen come out of the sea were man-made crafts engineered by the Governments of the world. Who really knows for sure. Best to keep an open mind. Remember the old saying "the mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open".

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Weird Flashes and UFOs On The Moon 2015

The Moon is holding many mystery's. The amount of unexplained activity that's happening on and around the Moon on a daily basis really is amazing. This strange footage captured in early August 2015 by Youtube user: Crrow777 really is interesting. It shows several UFOs darting into the Moon. And if that wasn't enough it also shows a rarely captured on video, a series of flashes that look to originate from the Moon. First there is one flash, and a little later on a double flash occurs.

We really have no clue what this could be and would welcome any suggestions. The Moon is a total mystery, some say it's artificial, others say its a base for aliens. One things for sure, there is a lot we don't know about the Moon and the things that could possibly be lurking there, and the more footage I personally see the more stranger the Moon becomes. Imagination goes into overdrive if you consider that the dark side (Far side that can't been seen from Earth) of the Moon remains largely unseen (Unless from Space) and unexplored other than with a Probe.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

UFOs Sucking Power From The Sun

UFOs have been spotted in the area of many thunder storms and also many erupting volcanoes. The belief is that the UFOs somehow suck power / fuel from these high energy sources and use it for fuel to power their crafts. But over the last few years footage has come to light showing UFOs sucking power from the sun attached by something that resembles an umbilical cord. Is this a natural phenomenon, a Coronal Cavity, or a Coronal Mass Ejection, who knows..But whatever it is it's massive.

It's totally amazing to think that whatever this thing is, if it really is something other than a natural phenomenon, how can it withstand the super hot temperatures involved with being that close to the sun. It makes you think of what this thing could possibly be made of..And the way that it pulls away from the sun is quite scary. If you haven't seen any of this type of footage before your in for a surprise. Check out the video. Well worth a look.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Preventing An Alien Abduction In Action

First off, I do believe that other life does exist somewhere out there and that not all alien contact falls under this posts subject matter. However, contact can be different to abduction so it is possible that all abductions do fall under this posts subject. This information is not being put out there to scare anyone but to hopefully offer a potential way out for people who feel helpless to stop what is happening to them. To a lot of people reading this post it probably just sounds like a bit of fun, a subject of curiosity. But for some of the real victims of alien abduction it is the most terrifying experience a person could ever go through. So any solution that might be able to help these victims prevent any future abductions from taking place should be put out there. If you have no other way of stopping an alien abduction surely this is worth a go.

If you are, or have been a victim of alien abduction this post might be quite unnerving. However, I think everyone, especially an abductee, should be aware of this information. There has been speculation and suspicion for many years that the forces behind most of the alien abductions are demonic. Some experts on UFOs and Aliens actually believe that this is a 100% fact and that in most cases what we are actually dealing with here are demonic forces / beings. Whilst this may be a hard pill to swallow for some, there is quite a lot of evidence starting to pile up that shows that it may be true.

I'm not the most religious person, but I do believe there is a God. And that is the way that you can stop an alien abduction, by calling upon Jesus Christ for help. Once Jesus' name is called for help the "Aliens" either stop what they were doing and try to reassure the person being abducted that they mean no harm and everything will be OK, or they just go and leave the person alone. If these entities are not demonic then why would they be so concerned when Jesus' name is called upon. So concerned that in many cases they just get the hell out of there!. If they are not demonic why would it have such authority over them? Please watch the video. It is long but well worth your time. Joe Jordan now has over 600 alien abduction cases (was 400 when video was made) on record that all have one thing in common.. Once the abduction victim called upon Jesus Christ for help the abduction stopped.

There are quite a few videos out there on the subject of aliens are demons but why don't any of the leading UFO organisations ever acknowledge this information..If you think that you can go and ask any one of the so called UFO experts from any of the organisations and expect to get a straight answer, good luck. The people that are behind many of the Alien / UFO movements who run the big conferences, meet ups, sell the merchandise etc, are making big money. This is a multi-million dollar business.

You see, this is big business for these people. The longer the masses actually believe Aliens and UFOs are from other planets and Galaxy's and that some of the "Stars" of these events (Speakers) are, or have been in contact with "Aliens" and have been given messages for mankind, the more money they make from their books, DVDs, talks, you name it. Can you imagine if the people who attend these events, some of whom blindly support the movement and spend and donate a lot of money, found out that most of these so called aliens from another Galaxy are actually demons, they'd be horrified! There are some people who organise these events that are well aware of what most of the aliens really are but they choose to remain quiet because they know how fast they would be out of business. Check out what Joe Jordan says at 1 hour into the video about the people asking if they can go off the record when talking about this subject.

Now that's not to say there aren't some genuine people out there that attend these gatherings that have had real abduction experiences and are not trying to profit or hide the truth from the people. But as we know from previous abductee story's, these alien entities are known to be great deceivers so how can we be sure that the abductee is not being lied to or used in some way to forward a certain agenda. If you take anything away from this post let it be that you keep an open mind. Watch the video and make your own conclusions. There are 600 recorded cases that Joe Jordan has compiled so far, but think of how many people out there that don't want to come forward, and how many abductee's that haven't ever tried to stop an abduction using this method. For all we know, in every case, it could have stopped the abduction. We will never know.

With more people choosing to be atheists, could this open the door to an increase in prolonged abductions. Atheists would not even think of calling to Jesus for help, so they could potentially be the prime victims of alien abductions for many years without knowing how to stop them. Certainly gives a lot to think about. I question everything, but with so much evidence building up it has to be given some time and be looked into more in depth. Too many victims of "alien" abductions are claiming the same thing over and over again for it to just be ignored.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Intelligent Craft Flying Past The Moon

Now and again UFO footage comes along that really can't be explained very easily. There is a lot of fake footage out there, so it's nice to find a real clip like this to restore some hope that not everyone is just putting a fake video out there in order to get as many youtube views as possible. The uploader of the clip, Crrow777, has some excellent genuine footage.

This footage is from last year, but regardless of age it clearly shows some sort of craft flying past the moon that has it's own power source. We see this power source "Fire Up" on several occasions in this footage. This is a UFO in the sense that it's unknown as to what it is or where it's from..

Is it a secret craft originating from Earth (Part of a secret project), a Satellite's reflection (When it lights up) from a different light source, or is it something more than that. Personally I believe this is no way a Satellite or anything else. It's either a secret craft from a black project or it's from somewhere else. Leave a comment below with a possible explanation.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Depiction Of God In Lovejoy Comet?

Close up images of the Lovejoy Comet show some amazing things when analysed using different resolutions. The video below has some amazing images, but one strange picture in particular stands out from the rest. It shows what looks to be an old bearded man wearing a hooded cloak. This white-bearded man even looks like he has a shield of amour of some kind on his left hand side. In front of him looks to be another figure but this one is a darker figure, possibly representing a darker force..

Even if it's nothing, it has to be seen because that sure is a strange image to find concealed in a close up view of a comet. And how do we really know for sure that certain powers that be don't show us signs this way. I mean, what do we really know? The answer is not much.

Could this be a depiction of God and an evil entity, possibly Satan, at the fore front, showing in a picture that he (Satan) is ruling the Earth at the moment but God is soon to come back and is waiting in the background for the right time..Is this a sign of some kind? Very weird image indeed and it certainly needs more views. If you just want to see the image start watching from around 8:00 and watch to the end. Well worth a look. Full credit to Youtube uploader litereader for the video.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Are UFOs Really Everywhere All The Time

A photograph was recently sent to 12vn. The picture sender says that it shows the magnetic reflection of a Radionnic ship of light (UFO). They claim that inter-dimensional ships (UFOs) are everywhere at all times. I like to post what people send me even if I can't see anything so that my visitors can make their own minds up.

Personally, I can't see anything that looks strange in the picture, other then clouds look like chemtrails that have been in the air for several hours and are now dispersing, creating unfamiliar shapes that look like a mix of clouds and chemtrails. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yours could make more sense then mine. Am I missing something here? If so comment below.

A UFO? Click to enlarge

From the sender: "UFO enthusiasts have no idea. Inter-dimensional ships from all over Creation are all over the place all the time. This is what the magnetic reflection of a Radionnic ship of light in Earth’s lower atmosphere looks like."

Anyone interested in seeing more of these pictures from the original sender go to the following link on their website:

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