Woman Has Visit From The Pleiadians UK

Good looking "People" in space ships don't show up all that often, so when they do show up make sure you have a camera handy so you can show at least some evidence that the encounter did actually take place. Sadly for us, this alien encounter took place many years ago (1954), in a time when if a camera phone did make an appearance in the 1950's, the people of that era would have thought it was a piece of alien technology. With that said, sometimes the witnesses themselves can be convincing enough to be all the evidence you need to see in order to believe that the event did take place. And this is one of those cases where I believe this woman 100%.

Jessie Rosenberg heard a loud whooshing noise coming from the other side of her house, which was located in a rural part of the West Midlands, England. She went round to investigate, worried about whether her kids were alright, and seen her two sons lying down on the floor. Once she got round there her sons told her that there was a flying saucer. Jessie looked up and seen what she described as a silver Mexican Hat just hovering above the ground at around roof level. Watch the video of Jessie's full interview below.

She claimed that because the "UFO" was tilted forwards she could actually see two people inside looking down at her. She described them as being beautiful, having Blond hair and wearing blue polo-neck jumpers / suits. They looked like normal Humans, but with one difference, their foreheads where larger.

Jessie Rosenberg said they looked at her with sympathetic eyes. After a while Jessie looked down at her sons and when she looked back up the craft was gone. Only for it re-appear, circle them a few times and then take off at great speed.  What an exceptional encounter, and one that I have never seen before until recently discovering this video.

Unknown to Jessie Rosenberg at the time, and from what we have come to learn about alien species, it appears that Jesse had a visit from the Pleiadians. Truly amazing. I believe this did happen. I'd like to know what others think about this story. Comment below.

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Angel Shaped UFO Sighting In Space?

Apparently this is an official picture released by NASA (Contained in the video). An object shaped like an "Angel", or more like a big bird, that was spotted in space. It does look suspiciously like its been photo shopped to me, although I could be wrong. Is it something strange. An Angel? Government Craft, Aliens?. If there really was something there in real time it is a very big object and appears completely white in colour from the reflecting light source. See the video below.

Of course, a lot of interesting images and footage from space and other planets showing strange objects do come from NASA. But looking at some of the images that people are showing on websites like Youtube,  Vimeo etc, I think not all, but a lot of them are seeing what they want to see. Unfortunately, a lot of Pareidolia seems to be going on.

However, in regards to this picture, NASA have been under suspicion for some time by certain people and organisations of Airbrushing out certain objects from their images over the years, so why not this one.. It would be nice to see the actual video footage of this object if it exists. A still image alone is so much easier to fake. Does anybody know if there is any video footage of this object out there. If so post a comment.

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The Allagash Maine UFO Alien Abductions

This is one abduction that gives people chills up the spine. In 1976 four men went on a camping trip to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine, USA. Two of the men were twin brothers and the other two were just friends and not related. While camping one of the men spotted a white light (UFO) hovering above the tree line. The spotter told the rest of the men and they all observed the object from the lake / rivers edge for a few seconds before it suddenly just disappeared. The men thought it was strange and speculated for a while as to what it could have been, but after a while forgot about it and went on with their night.

Then two days after the sighting, and now with them being in a different location in the Allagash Wilderness, the four men proceeded to do some night fishing. They built a big bonfire at their camp site on the lake / rivers edge to act as a location marker of where to get back to when coming in from fishing on the river.  While the men were in the boat on the river, one of them had a feeling that something was behind him so he turned around and seen a bright ball of light that looked just like the UFO the group were observing a few nights ago. He told the rest of the guys and they all sat in the boat staring at this bright ball of light. One of the men then thought it would be a good idea to use his torch to try and communicate with this UFO by flashing the SOS signal directly toward it.

To their surprise, this light ball UFO actually responded, shining a beam down on them in the boat! It responded in the most scariest way possible. By coming after them! As you can imagine, once the UFO was coming to check them out, the men were in a panic and started paddling as fast as the could in the opposite direction trying to get away from this thing that was fast approaching. But all the paddling was to no avail as the UFO had gained too much ground and before they knew it they were engulfed in the beam of light.

After that moment, at the time the men all drew a blank as to what had just happened. They found themselves out of the boat and on the river bank looking up at the UFO. One of the men then tried to use his torch to signal the UFO again but this time the UFO ignored any more interaction with the men. They watched it take off in the sky and vanish, only to then reappear further up in the sky. Then after that it disappeared and never returned.

The men returned to the camp site where they had earlier made a big bonfire, but now the bonfire was nothing more than ash and hot coals. All the men claimed that they were only out on the river for around twenty minutes so it seemed impossible that the big bonfire could have burned out within that time frame. So its clear that the men have experienced missing time, quite possibly several hours. It also seemed like whatever the "UFO" was, it done something to the men's minds in order to make them not only calm, but not remember what had actually taken place during the time loss they had experienced.

It wasn't until over a decade later that two of the men, the two that were twin brothers, starting have nightmares about aliens, creatures, and in the dream seeing themselves and the friends that they went camping with in the Allagash Wilderness all in a room together, sitting down naked. The dreams got so intense that the men underwent hypnosis to see if the dreams had anything to do with the encounter they had with the UFO on the river all those years ago.

They found out that the dreams were memory's of the abduction. All the men had the same recollection of what happened. When the light engulfed them and their boat, they were taken up onto the UFO and placed in a room where they were all made to undress. In turn, all the men were "Operated" on by alien beings. The aliens acquired samples of the men's epidermis (Skin), blood and semen. All the men stated that while they were sitting in the "room" waiting for their turn to be operated on, they were totally powerless to resist and seemed to be almost paralysed to do anything other than just sit there and obey.

As scary as this case is, its actually quite a routine abduction and has many of the common signs and symptoms that many people who have been abducted experience. Time loss, being operated on, samples taken, can't remember anything, powerless to resist, and nightmares. I'm not sure if any of the men who were abducted have ever been tested for implants, but it would be a good idea as its very possible that they could have been "Tagged" with an implant somewhere in their bodies. And still have that implant to this day. The men were certainly abducted for long enough (Time loss of several hours) for implants to be a possibility.

Could it be that the most important operational procedure the "Aliens" carried out on the men (Inserting an Implant) is the memory that the aliens make permanently unrecallable as to make sure that the Implanted device is never discovered and removed..I mean, it took the men well over a decade to recall that something more than they remembered that night had even taken place. And then it took hypnosis for them to recollect the extraction of blood and semen samples that the aliens performed. So implants can't be ruled out as it seems these "Aliens" have a good, but not perfect "tool" for being able to rub out memories. Kinda makes you think that the memory erasing flash gun used in the Men In Black films could be real after all! Did Hollywood get the idea from alien technology...Who knows for sure. A book was written about the Allagash Alien Abductions which contains a lot of information that wasn't included in any of the Television accounts of the story.

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