Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Something Is On The Moon Feb 2014

This isn't the first time strange goings on have been seen on the Moon. It's been happening for hundreds of years. Maybe even thousands of years but humans (as far as we know)didn't have the technology back then to document the sightings.

Strange lights, Strange artificial structures that just appeared from nowhere, UFOs leaving the Moons surface, you name it. This one here is very strange. It almost looks like a wavy Mirage sometimes, like it could be some sort of gas or mist. But then again, it seems to be illuminated and at times look circular in shape. There's definitely something really strange going on with the Moon.

I believe the Moon is artificial and used as a base / stop off point for many different types of Aliens / UFOs. We can only watch the surface of the Moon with the technology we have, but the bigger mystery is not what's on the surface but what's going on under it. There could literally be an underground city / world inside the Moon. The possibility's are endless and interesting..

How many people have searched underground on the Moon? Not many. And the ones that have or know what's going on are keeping there lips sealed. This is great footage, and whatever the strange anomaly is, it's massive.
Friday, 14 February 2014

Write For Us Writers Wanted

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What's not allowed

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We welcome all ability levels of writers to send us a sample for review. Alternatively you can just send us an article, and if appropriate it will be added to the website along with your desired personal details like your links, social network details etc. Or you can remain anonymous if you'd prefer.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Strange Orb UFOs In Brazil 2014

A weird Orb UFO sighting that occurred in Brazil in January 2014. First it looks like an orb / UFO formation shaped like a lollipop with one big bright light (UFO) at the top.

After a while orbs start to drop away and disappear. This then leaves a circle of orb / UFOs that seem to be in sync, all joined in the circle. Later the circle breaks up and the objects break apart, then remake the circle shape. Very strange footage.

Video Credit: Youtube user: Jmhz71

Some people are saying it could be Chinese Lanterns, but I have never seen a Chinese Lantern that size before. And to make a huge lollipop shape! Don't Chinese Lanterns have a little flickering candle type light? These balls of light are moving around in various directions. If they are Chinese Lanterns they are seriously good ones that I have never seen before.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Amazing UFO Orb Sightings In Michigan

Very strange UFO Orb captured on a security camera in Michigan. This is an amazing capture. But what actually are these things and what interest do they have in this area..Whatever "They" are they do not look or move like anything on Earth. Personally I think these types of UFOs / Orbs could actually be demonic beings.

As crazy as that might sound to some, there are quite a few people who are much more knowledgeable then me about this subject who strongly believe the same thing. If you watch other videos which feature the same types of UFOs, not all, but some of the people filming are convinced that these "UFOS" are definitely friendly.

Some even call them their brothers. This blind trust is quite dangerous as no one knows what they really are or what there true intentions may be. This is another must see video if you haven't seen it yet.

Video Credit: Youtube user Jcattera
Thursday, 23 January 2014

UFO Scans Car With Ray Beam Video

A very interesting capture that happened in Michigan, USA of what appears to be a UFO hovering at a fairly low height, and then scanning the car with a Green ray beam..The beam looks big as it can be seen to the side of the car also. Is this an alien UFO or just a Government craft. Or could it even be an expensive, sophisticated UFO toy. Who knows for sure.

Video Credit: Research4truth12

However, some high end electrical company's are working on producing UFO toys that look incredibly real like the one in this clip. Saying that, if this is a toy it would cost thousands and surely there would be a motor of some kind..This object doesn't seem to be making any noise, and the beam, when it spreads out looks very advanced. But the way it turns around from 2:45 - 3:14 makes it look kite like. Whatever it may be I'd like to know more. I believe this clip made the mainstream news. If you haven't seen it yet it's a must see.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cattle Mutilation Cover-Ups Are Real

 Sent in by: Eyes Open Wide Awake.

Are cattle Mutilations still happening in the USA. You bet they are. Cattle mutilations are not only happening in the USA, it's happening worldwide. For a long while people thought beyond any doubt that the mutilations were the work of aliens. The surgical incisions and organ removal procedures were performed with such advanced technology, such as the removal of big organs through a small hole, that this was thought to be the work of something extraterrestrial.

Why perform such advanced operation type procedures to remove certain organs. Do the aliens eat the organs or are they using them for something else. DNA manipulation or experimentation purposes (Research). Turns out there was a breakthrough. A cattle farmer in the USA who had lost some of his animals through mutilation seen a UFO looking object flying by his farm land near the location where cattle had been killed. He followed the UFO, and once close enough he could see the what he thought was a UFO wasn't a UFO at all. It looked exactly like a UFO but at the top it has a propeller like a helicopter!.

It was a helicopter under the disguise of a UFO. This scream of Government involvement. Who else would have the money and resources to make a helicopter disguised as a UFO. Why would they bother. Someones trying to hide something for sure. Is it a Black-Op type arm of the Government? Or is that a silly question. The real question is are the people in the fake UFO doing the mutilating themselves or are they clearing up after the aliens..Something really fishy is going on. A big cover-up.

It's not just animals that are being mutilated and having body parts removed by a procedure not seen on Earth. People have been killed like this too. The Government has done a good job of hiding these cases from the mainstream media. Many people who have been killed in this manner are still classed as "missing" by the authorities even though they are really dead. The reason for this is if the missing persons family went to see their loved ones body and seen it in the state they had been left after these strange mutilations have taken place they would be horrified and outraged. The family would want answers. What the hell could do that to a human being. The procedures are very complex like the removal of organs through a tiny hole, and the eradication of the skin on the victims jaw. Not a pretty sight let me tell you.

Taking out organs from a tiny hole is just not possible with even the most advanced surgical technology known to man. So you can see, it's better for the people covering this up that the missing person just remains "missing". Makes you wonder how many missing people there are in the USA alone. The number of missing people is big. How many have met this sad end. It's not just USA where this happens, the UK and Argentina also have many cases of human and cattle mutilations but they are quickly hidden from view.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Divine Paradigm Book - The Big Picture

This is a story of an astonishing true account of a “close encounter of the FIFTH kind” which a man named Richard R. Giroux, experienced on October 12, 1994 on the rim canal of Lake Okeechobee, Florida.  The contact was deliberate and the communication profound.

The visitors shared in detail their true nature, their mission, and the reason for their connection with Earth since before the dawn of antiquity.  The details of what they shared were not provided through conversation, but via a direct implant of knowledge. They also shared numerous and detailed future sequential events that will verify their message.

The Visit:

This is a completely true but amazing experience, and I strongly feel it will interest you.  It’s another strange thing that’s going on with some people, a twist of things happening in recent years, worldwide. It was Wednesday, October 12 1994.  In what follows a name is changed withholding a man’s identity. Everything else is exactly as it happened. That day around 9:00 p.m. we arrived at Okeechobee from our day's work in Boca Raton. Okeechobee is a Seminole Indian name meaning Big Lake. Joe was with me. We are computer engineers developing an important product for a big client. It was a difficult job.  We needed a change of scene and he was glazed over too from the day’s problems. A ride in the country would give us a change to rest our heads. Escaping our noisy hotel was part of the answer, so driving eighty-five miles to Big Lake was welcome.  The beach is usually good but typically it’s a parking problem. At Okee there’s cool clean air with a chorus of wild creatures to hear all around ... Relaxing. There‘s no stress or tension. What a place!

We arrived with just time enough to fix a drink and walk outside by the rim canal. It felt so fine being there on a perfectly clear cool moonless night.  The air was wonderful and stars were bright.  Looking to the right we immediately saw a light coming. It was over the canal about 800-feet in the air a quarter-mile away. Something close was flying our way. I was thinking This ought to be interesting. Little did I know!

It seemed like a helicopter by its speed and height, with a big light under it. At the same time there was a twin engine plane flying out over the lake just behind it about two miles away.  The plane was noisy and gaining altitude from take off at Okeechobee Airport. So it’s natural that I wouldn’t hear a helicopter coming our way. Only it wasn’t a helicopter, not a plane either, and it’s coming along in the air too quietly. We’re near Route 441 with some distant sounds of traffic going by. But I couldn’t hear this thing coming and it’s getting close. We saw a steady bright glow under it, like a big searchlight playing into the canal. Whatever it is, it had no flashing lights of any kind. But all aircraft are required to have strobe lights at night. As it came from behind a nearby tree into clearer view, we saw it’s a brightly lit disk and still  moving toward us.

I said What the hell is that?  Joe was glued.  I just watched without a thought and looked hard trying to decide what it was.  The disk was still flying toward us, slowly, maybe 20-mph.  It flew the same way over the canal until about 300-yards away.  Then it went gradually higher to about 400-yards, almost over head.  It’s changing direction slightly now, moving to the opposite edge of the canal and over a point about 100-yards in front of us. It slowed, descending as it went by. It’s absurd not being aware that it’s a UFO but it never entered my mind.  A UFO is exactly what we saw, the real thing.  I never saw one before and this one is really close.   It didn’t get closer than 200-yards to where we stood. As the craft flew by, it was perfectly circular, about 35-feet in diameter give or take five.  At that height it looks bigger than, say, a full moon rising on the horizon and it’s brighter.  As it moved it made a bright white glow with a hint of yellow, bright but without a strain... easy on the eyes.

No sound, I said – it was totally silent.  By then there’s no noisy plane nor any road traffic being heard, no more distractions anywhere. The craft was coming down, low, slowing to a stop and moving east 100-yards toward Nubbin Slough. In five seconds it flew from high over head to where it’s hanging in the air over the levee. We saw it clearly, parked a little above the levee up a 20-degree angle. As it descended the disk-glow was harder to see the lower it came, because the angle was smaller and the glow diminishing.  It came to a stop, suspended motionless in the air 100-feet past the ridge of the levee toward the lake, a distance of about 250-yards from us.  The craft became dark. Two small soft lights appeared, one each side, square light images although not big as windows.  They are reference lights to help us with what happened next. It’s on edge-view and I saw its silhouette, because there’s a lot of light in the haze behind it from the well lit power plant 15-miles away.  The plant was under construction around the clock and covered with lights for the night shifts. It looked like a vaudeville straw hat on edge view. 

The upper part of this thing was dark but showed a rectangular silhouette, flat on top, and not as wide as its base where we had seen the glow.  The top is a shallow wide cylinder shape. The top part is three times thicker than the base and eight times wider than thick.  The base is thinner and a third wider than the upper part... maybe 15% wider on each side than the top.  I looked for how the base is connected to the top, curved or straight, but couldn’t see it.  It’s a lame description but it was dark. When the craft came low and to a stop, I was thinking Now I will see what they’re doing!  Without thinking UFO I knew they weren’t like us inside.  This was really different. It amazes me, not realising the things I know. Like, how might I know ostensibly never having seen one before?  Did they send me subconscious thoughts already? And I mean, Lake Okeechobee is a military operating area, and there are rumours we may have flying craft of similar appearance. But this craft is nothing of ours.  No question, this technology is special.

Very quickly after this thought, something happened to me. I didn’t remember it clearly for weeks.  What I remembered instead was, that at about this point we turned and went into the house for a few minutes, then came out to look for it again. It’s still visible, glowing over the levee about two miles down, past Nubbin toward the southeast and Indiantown. Again, we turned away with it still in view and went back into the house. The clock read 9:45. Wasn't that something?  Joe said Yeah, you know, some things just happen. He couldn’t function either, both of us were subdued.  I was drained. Sitting in the house I was tired and empty of thought.  I just couldn’t put two thoughts together.

 I went outside looking at things again and found my vision was different.  I could see really well in the dark but soon came back inside. We immediately turned in for the night without a word. Next morning it’s never mentioned by either of us, nothing.  Joe never brought up anything about it, not ever.  It’s awhile before I came around to it with him. Months later after remembering most of what happened, I phoned Joe about what he recalls.  He said Nothing. Months after that I sat him down and probed him to see if he remembered them talking to us. All he’d say was Maybe they were talking to you.  And with a grin he said They found no intelligent life here and moved on. It seems all he remembers was seeing a ‘fast moving’ light. It’s a clue ...maybe he’s on different ‘time’ than me in this experience. I’d been thinking He simply didn’t want to remember. And he doesn’t want to talk about it at all. At least he knows they came, I’m thinking.  He’s my witness.

We saw the most incredible event in anyone's life experience, uncommon in all human experience, yet we lost interest in it?  We turned our backs, headed inside and simply went to bed.  Nothing like this could happen in normal circumstances. But there’s certainly nothing normal about these circumstances.  Something very different happened that October night. After they left us I was mentally washed out, tired and just about dysfunctional.   It’s the chance of a lifetime for two curious people like us, who are no pedestrians to technology and who earned educations in four scientific disciplines between us.

We could’ve done much more investigating at the time, because there were binoculars, a camera, and a 2½-inch refracting telescope all within five yards of the door from where we stood.  None of it mattered.  We simply couldn’t function acting on our own will.  We had no initiative, none, zero.  Best I could do was look and wonder. After weeks of trying, memory and the details began coming. I did it mostly while driving to work with plenty time to think.  Eventually I got nearly everything back. Here’s what happened. We watched as the craft came lower, stopped, and became darker. Two small lights appeared. The craft was parked in the air just inside the levee of Big Lake maybe as close as 200-yards away. As we watched, something hit me, a marvellously happy feeling and I knew at the time it was coming from the craft.  I thought THIS is a really good sign whoever they are.

The happiest feeling of anticipation had suddenly come upon me.  I knew to expect something wonderful to happen between them and me.  They were doing something to affect my mental state giving me a wonderful feeling of euphoria. It‘s nothing like anything I’ve ever felt, a totally joyful happy feeling beyond description.  I was so glad they were here and understood, waiting for something.  I dared not move a muscle although knew I wasn’t restrained.  Whatever came next I wanted to be part of it. Next, I was sensing a projection of thought to me, when soon thought-speech appeared in mind in my own idiom. But there’s some fumbling, because I first heard some unintelligible words and a series of growls.  I thought It’s growling at me.  But it definitely seemed like a recording coming up to the wrong speed.

Sure, as in, they don’t know how to operate their ship. Much later I saw they were showing me that technology is being used. It sounded like technology was being engaged and directed to me. It’s growling, why’s that? ... thinking This might become difficult... how very odd all this is.  Next I heard the word…Mrep!  (Visitor) Mrep, what the hell is...? With that exchange we were talking. It’s like they’re tuning on what I was getting. How could they know?  Yes, they’re already reading my thought responses. We’re communicating! They’re talking with me and the warm feeling of expectation was at its height.  I thought this is actually happening, happening here and right now. Right now!  Wide-eyed I couldn’t believe it, thinking It’s too fantastic... they’re real, what a discovery!

A man’s voice was very friendly, saying Yes, up here. We’re here. You’re looking at us and we can see you. You hear us talking to you. We know you’re interested in us.  It's okay, we won't harm you.   (Visitor) At this exact moment Joe said Damn!  Obvious excitement, because he realised he could hear them too.  They’re here and they’re talking to us! But there’s a problem, I notice these speech-thoughts went by really fast for a typical English-speaking dialog. It wasn’t like two people speaking with each other, where more time is inserted between thoughts, where we allow each other time to think in the process.  It was going by as a flood to grasp, near my limit. I found it difficult and didn’t want it this way, but it was also all clearly heard and understood.  There was only time to respond, no time to form any questions, which may have been deliberate.  It seems to account for speed of the exchange.   They were deliberately pacing the exchange so we couldn’t ask them any questions.Next the voice said…We want to meet and show you around.

We do stop and show others sometimes and they have a good time.  We want to be friendly.
Would you like to see everything here and have a ride?  (Visitor) Immediately, a silly image of a guy popped into mind. The guy was sitting in a deckchair with sunglasses, a blue blazer, white slacks and shoes, with a captain's cap. If this was supposed to be an image of me having a good time, it struck me as totally bogus, because I would not imagine something so ridiculous in my situation.  They must have sent it.  I thought nice try. But it’s also okay with me.  My thought in exchange made it okay, because I obviously knew it wouldn’t be like that. It was humorous.  I’m thinking now, these guys do have a sense of humour.Imagine that?  I’m invited.  I was so excited and thought Really!  ...and emphatically thought Yes!  I was so happy, so excited and grinning hugely.  I shot a glance at Joe.  He had on his biggest smile, too, although he didn’t look at me. Quickly, I looked back to the craft feeling they didn’t want my attention anywhere else. No voice said so but I understood a thought to be…Now look here a moment.  (Visitor) I replied thinking Okay ...doing just that. We had switched from our explicit dialog to a direct implicit thought-flow between us; telepathy, explicitly vs. implicitly.

Between reference lights I could see a tiny spot beginning to boil and enlarge.  There’s a grayish-green circular spot and it’s getting bigger.  A fuzzy spot had formed and was expanding but slowly at first. It appeared to be swarming with motion and became a cloud-like image emanating from the edge-center of the craft.  It was swarming in the sense that it appeared to be boiling with a lot of motion and was fuzzy to look at.  It was fairly uniform. Next I saw circular arcs being traced out one at a time.  The circular cloud was growing out of a tiny port on the craft.  Arcs appeared at the edge of the circular cloud at twelve o’clock and moved on a curve to its center at the port.   Arcs emanated from the same point-source and immediately began getting bigger, growing into a tear-shaped envelope.  One of the yin-yang symbols on the South Korean flag comes to mind, the one curving left, but was narrower.

In all five or six formed, each growing onto the upper right side of the circle-like cloud.  After they were all formed the cloud became more oblate, squarer with rounded corners.  The envelopes formed sequentially, the first beginning from the 12 o’clock position. Each one was growing on the lower edge of the preceding one. The tear-shaped envelope is a sort of bottle. Next, I saw contents of the bottle growing from the smaller back at the edge toward its larger front at the port.  It’s growing into the space rather than filling into it.  This is a biological process and how it grew was amazing.  The process took only a few seconds to complete each teardrop envelope of its contents.  Growth would suddenly appear in discrete steps, not gradually filling within chambers of the envelope.  I saw its compartments being filled in. 

Each cell of the envelope is irregular in size, shape, and volume. It reminds me of compartments of a complex soap bubble, itself being formed of bubbles within the biggest bubble.  The inner bubbles are the cells being filled in a flash-instant of growth. There’s a tiny pause, then the process moves to an adjacent cell.  The progress of moving between cells reminds me of how water drops suddenly connect together moving down a dry surface.  Just a tiny hesitation before they merge. The next one would get its space filled, and so on until the envelope was totally complete. Each cell was filled with different stuff; some of it was light, some was darker color.  The only thing coming to mind that’s similar is tadpole jelly from the swamp I played in as a kid. As each envelope filled with growth, a new envelope was immediately traced out under it.  It would fill and so on until all of them were complete. The envelopes developed in a clockwise stack under each other, the last one being grown at the five o’clock on the cloud-circle.

When the processing was complete the cloud-object changed its character, getting bigger much faster.  It changed to greenish-yellow from gray-green ...more yellow now.  Next it began coming, moving rapidly down to us.It travelled the 200-250 yards in under three seconds, closer to two.  I was startled to have it come so fast but I wasn’t scared.  As it came, it changed the angle of descent twice. It started down steeply and changed to half the angle at half the distance. Within the last 100-feet it changed again by half the angle, arriving with a shallow slope only slightly above us as it swept in. As it came I saw the cloud was 3X taller than wide, luminous but not bright and without distinct features. That is, except for a perfect black ellipse centered in its upper third, the major axis at vertical.  The cloud was symmetrical about its vertical. That is if you could fold it in half, both sides would match exactly. 

The black object seemed like a tunnel in the cloud, like a big eye, but wasn’t.  I searched hard as the mist approached, looking for any definition but saw no detail anywhere.  The elliptical feature disappeared without me noticing as the cloud arrived. I feel it’s there merely as a focus, a diversion but nothing significant. The cloud was strange-looking, much bigger than us but wasn’t itself a creature. At its edges I vaguely recall seeing separate forms the instant it arrived, the kind of thing you can see if you don’t look directly at it. They came so fast I couldn’t focus my eyes fast enough.  It’s like they’re on each side of it, the landing party of workers sent by who’s ever in charge.  I’m thinking This is my chance to see something ...but no way.

Another interesting point; the light cloud approached low over water, yet I saw no reflection from the water as it came.  It’s low enough near the end and I should have seen it. But it didn’t happen.  For a year the subtlety escaped me, as in, what’s wrong with this picture?   What sort of light is that anyway?

I know that Joe saw the cloud come, too, because as it arrived he hollered No!  Joe felt threatened, and anyone would trying to hold onto normal reality. Here is his only known world. Something like this has no place in ordinary life experience… does it? As the light cloud swiftly engulfed us I felt nothing different.  We were immersed in a yellow mist.  I struggled to see something, anything. Then looking down and to the right I saw motion.  Something smaller was moving toward Joe. I saw a small person like a five-year-old shuffling past at a half-run followed immediately by another exactly like the first.  I only saw them from the belly down. The glare of yellow light was masking everything.  No one came toward me. They went toward Joe, standing to my right four feet away.

Besides their size I made two other observations of them.  Their knees are simpler, the same thickness as their thin non-muscular legs. Their knees are nothing like our thick knobby knees.  When they run they don’t lean forward enough as we do. Their backs are nearly straight. Nobody runs like they do. I’d fall down trying to run like that. I’ve imitated their posture trying to make a step but couldn’t move. I’m thinking they’re really lightweights. Their upper bodies are minimal. As I watched them go I’m thinking There's no sidewalk over there. They loped past about three feet over the edge of the sidewalk, out over water.  Their loose silvery metallic-looking clothes glowed from the surrounding mist, but less bright than the light. How many came I don’t know, I saw only two. But an interesting thought comes to mind.

I’ve seen bodies of these workers being custom grown, all six of them.  A biological process happened just before they came.  Seems they use such bodies to work here with us, like we wear our jeans and jacket.  If it’s so, what technology!  But it makes a guy speculate about what form they’d normally take, to assume biology-wear as a work suit.  It’s what happened.

The mist was a nuisance, I couldn’t see much.  I looked carefully at what there was to see.  I remember looking at the bright yellow light source at floor level. The bright object was lighting the cloud creating the mist. It’s on the ‘floor’, parallel and even with the edge of the concrete sidewalk but beyond water’s edge about four feet.

The light’s a half-ellipse two inches high, eight inches long. It’s the mechanism making a platform under them, extending over the water where they’re working. The light had bright radials sticking up from it in the vertical plane and was located parallel to the edge of the concrete sidewalk. I saw the bigger radials of light are separated at 20-30 degree angles from each other, bright from the source and quickly becoming less distinct, fading a few inches above source.

Radials would all shift together at irregular intervals, hopping back and forth, yet holding their places and distances to each other as they all jumped to another position. My impression was, it’s compensating for load dynamics on the platform as the workers moved about.

I closely studied this light show until I understood what it’s doing. I looked up and forward into the mist thinking Now, what next?  Then I felt I was going... Going?  It’s really subtle. No weight off my feet or of being uplifted, but a feeling of departure, upwards. Then... blank. I was blanked for a time, because next I remember coming to, realising I’d been blanked. I was again conscious, present, feeling some air.  I seemed to be back on the sidewalk where I’d been. My body was still standing there just as before.  I felt the gentle air from the canal. My eyes were still closed, although I felt I could open them if I wanted but didn’t.  Seems, somehow I knew we weren’t finished yet.

I heard a slow vibration, about 8-Hz, like a flutter. Then quickly it’s gently against my forehead. In a moment it went in. It’s inside my head!  It was not interfering with my mind, I could still think. But I’m being buzzed by a wave, a gentle, extremely low frequency (ELF) wave... thinking What's it doing?

ELF wave was getting harder, slowly rising in intensity and in frequency. I felt like it was charging my brain, like a capacitor, more, more, and more. It kept on increasing, the frequency going up, up, ever upwards.  On and on and I’m thinking Will it ever end? …Knowing it’s going to my limit and wishing it would find it soon.

But it kept going higher, higher. How could it go so high?  I wasn’t happy with the wave continuing upward. It’s tough to take but it went to an unbelievably high level before finally hitting my limit. It abruptly stopped with a pop at the top of my head. Receiving the buzz was an extremely rude experience.  I was grimacing, eyes and jaws tightly clenched to withstand its powerful effect. There’s never any pain, just a force. When it ended, I got released and it doubled me over spinning me around clockwise. I saw Joe's feet where he’d been, still standing next to me. I shouted What the hell was that? Damn!...Thinking I am back.  Have I just landed on my feet? . I’m on my feet.  It felt strange being back, like where had I gone? Physically I don’t feel I went anywhere.

I was zapped hard by something and was afraid, thinking Maybe I’m ruined.  It’s the most physically stunning experience.  I staggered around a long moment, 10- or  20-seconds, trying not to fall into the canal. I was cursing trying to get a grip on reality, trying to get my balance. Everything’s distorted, nothing making any sense as I look around.  For once I’m scared, thinking I might stay this way. The wave was forceful and its release was like having grabbed a 240-volt AC line... new meaning to the word stunning. It also cleared out my thought processes but not where I live in my mind. That part was still unaffected, because I was myself the whole time.  Rude as it was I still had the glad feeling like before. Maybe it’s all in friendship, and if so I’d hate to be on their other list. Good time, is it?  The only thing coming to mind was that they’d given me a capacity test, taking a measurement. But Guinea pig?  There’s obviously nothing else it could be.

Finally I was coming out of it, looking around for them. The disk was moving away, flying over the canal a mile to the east. It made a curious manoeuvre, a small move to the right to back over the levee. But it did so in a spiral motion, first moving left then rolling in a downward circle coming up to the right, all the while keeping its horizontal axis parallel to the ground. It’s a victory roll.. Way too odd! I’m thinking Someone’s got a real sense of humour in there.  Their job clearly has some humour in it, watching me deal with effects of the Buzz. More than coincidental, the manoeuvre was for my benefit, because I understood it as a wave goodbye. The little buggars! 

They had to know I was looking, like they were watching through my own eyes somehow.  But what’s the relationship and why so friendly?  Well, I’d actually discover why four years later. There’s more ahead about them, you’ll be impressed. It’s easy for me to see their manoeuvre, because my eyes were so slowed down. My eyes were now like a video screen, with light-paint lingering, delayed in a sort of light-smear, tracing out its path as I watched the craft circle moving back over the levee. I was thinking Fishermen at Nubbin Lock are getting a big surprise as this thing flies low over them ...right ...about ...now.  I laughed to myself about it.

Shortly later I looked toward the Nubbin again, still getting my bearings.  White lights all looked very yellow now, blurred ...even smeared. They’re much bigger than usual although not brighter. What seemed different was, when I moved my head, the lights smeared to over where I was now looking. Then the smear slowly faded. Also, I had tremendous night vision, almost like day. I could see everything around me, up and down the canal. Everything is clearly lit by a yellow light glow.  There’s more. I also had eagle vision at will. I could will myself to have a close-up frame of any object I wanted to see. It would simply appear closer and bigger. Such total surprise! I stood looking at things in a residual yellow-light effect. I could see better by it.  The light cloud was gone, of course.  At the time, there were very few lights down the canal and not big. But that night they helped light up the whole canal. Otherwise it’s blackness down there when there’s no moonlight. I enjoyed my newly given ability only briefly, because we were washed out and tired.

At that point we stopped looking and went inside but soon came out, again, for another look. I saw the disk glowing brightly two miles down, still near the levee. Back inside the house it was drab, really dull and uninteresting after being outside seeing things. Artificial light so close to me inside was annoying. My vision had changed. I was sensitized to see by different light and its effect is awesome. If the Army only knew that a directed ELF produces fantastic natural night vision.  Fat chance though, that they’d make anything happen like this in a hundred years. It’s modulated ELF. We sat in the house a few minutes saying nothing.  I felt so different than normal, like being at arms length from myself. I could still think but I couldn’t scan-think, like in thought synthesis. It‘s the processes needed for reaching conclusions. Thoughts wouldn’t flow in that way.

Then without discussing it we headed for the bedrooms. I threw myself down on the bed and stared to the ceiling, trying to rethink what happened. In the pitch-black room my new night vision didn‘t help. I couldn’t see.Next, it’s morning ...a dreamless sleep all night. Like flatline, there’s nothing in my head.  I woke up rested with the event first in my mind.  Again, Joe and I didn’t speak of it the whole way to Boca.  It’s perfectly ridiculous, but we’re keeping the same ‘secret’ from each other. It’s too taxing to discuss, besides I only wanted to relive it privately. By that night my special night vision was gone. But my eyes played tricks concerning eagle vision.  Sometimes it’s in, sometimes it’s out. It gave me problems driving, because scanning for traffic in the mirror sometimes a car seemed too close, nearly on top of me.  Seconds later, it’s back to normal. The car was where it should be.  It’s annoying and dogged me for days. Weeks passed. I’m rethinking the event everyday while driving. Gradually more and more came back and I wrote everything down. Finally I had it all except for being blanked.  That part wasn’t recovered... if I got my ride after all.

PS: Years later someone explained to me that ELF is extraordinary stuff. It’s like my visitors used a handheld device, working up close while doing me with ELF. That’s interesting technology, because governments communicate with their submarine fleets using ELF. But there’s a difference. All our efforts need an antenna big as a football field to create such long waves.

As a result of the encounter, I wrote four books with the information they gave me in astounding detail.  Those books are self-published on Amazon.com, but are still essentially unknown works.  Simply do an author search under R. R. Giroux. The titles are:

I AM DARIUS - Awakening
I AM DARIUS - Special Knowledge
I AM DARIUS - Divine Family
I AM DARIUS - Expectations

Recently all four books have been collated into a single 8.5 X 11 volume of 562 pages titled, “Divine Paradigm”.  Divine Paradigm is a compendium detailing the “big picture” workings and purpose of our existence and the interconnections and multiple levels of reality itself.   The contents of these books provide the rationale for our lives and the answers to questions that mankind has been asking since the beginning.

This work is the ultimate UFO-Bible connection story from a modern day Enoch. It provides the background and rationale for all other historical and biblical "encounters" as well as those continuing today. The elegance of the truth is stunning!

I am a  retired scientist in Okeechobee, Florida, was a successful mathematician and statistician for over 40 years.  I received a BS and MS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and pursued a doctorate in that discipline at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

The information provided from the encounter is bittersweet.  Nothing is really as it appears to be and there is much happening behind the scenes.  The message is certainly a positive one.  However, there are dark times ahead.  Some of these times are the events that the visitors told me that would happen soon.   A small portion of those provided are in Special Knowledge - Chapter 7 - Conference, which they said would verify ALL the information they gave me. There are many given, but some are listed below.  They are sequential.  The interesting part is that this encounter was in 1994.  Many of these players were not in the news at that time…as they are now.  Especially Pakistan and North Korea.  Anyway, time will tell.

1. Pakistan will attack India, destroying the City of Bombay by a nuclear bomb.
2. India will not answer this attack
3. USA will enforce an ultimatum to Pakistan, who will acquiesce.
4. A nuclear bomb will be used against North Korea.
5. Tactical nuclear weapons will also be used at the front in the North Korean conflict.
6. There will be a civil war in Russia.
7. Russia will destroy Kiev with a nuclear bomb.
8. A nuclear bomb will be delivered on Moscow by the Ukrainians.
9. The city will be totally destroyed… nothing remains.

The visit outlined above is Chapter 1 of Awakening, details the encounter itself, including the exchange of dialog.  For the scope of the total message, the books will have to be read.

Friday, 13 December 2013

UFO Incident At The Lake District UK

The Lake District has had it's fair share of UFO sightings over the years, but there isn't many story's of actual alien contact occurring there. However, there is one known story of a very close encounter that happened at the Lake District. In 1980 a local man who didn't want to publicly reveal his identity claimed to have had an encounter with two aliens.

The man was out walking on a rainy night along side a river bank. He seen a shape directly in front of him. At first he didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary and presumed it was some sort of farm yard animal grazing the land. As he got closer it seemed to be a more solid object, and again he dismissed it as most probably an animal shelter or feeder of some sort. But then, out of curiosity, he turned on his torch and directed at the object. The man said what he saw was a metallic UFO which was hovering a few feet above the ground. The witness then claimed to have heard something approaching him from behind so he turned around and shone the torch in the direction of what was coming. He said that all of a sudden his torch was struck by a thin laser beam which broke and melted the torch.

The laser beam was coming from a small device that was being held by an attractive women. She was with a man and the two looked very similar to each other, as if they were closely related. They were wearing an all-in-one skin tight suit that had a logo on the front. The "Aliens" were human looking and had blonde hair, but the witness wasn't sure if the hair was real.

Before he had a chance to engage in conversation the female "alien" said to him: We are on a peace mission and will do you no harm. The witness thought that these "Aliens were Telepathic / Mind readers because while he thinking of what to say the female alien would answer his questions before he had even asked them. The witness noticed that the strange Logo on their all-in-one suits was also present on the hovering UFO. The female alien asked the witness not to ever disclose the Logo design to anyone, to which he agreed. The aliens were described as blonde haired, white in colour, and actually spoke English.

The witness also claimed that at one point he felt an urge to make a sharp exit and get away from this situation but was unable to due to him feeling like he was paralysed. After a while a door opened on the UFO and both the male and female got on board the UFO then proceeded to take off and were gone in a flash. The witness was left quite traumatised from his ordeal and had trouble sleeping and felt rather sick. Both symptoms lasted a few days.

The witness did go to the Police with his alien encounter story and told them everything. They took his torch away for testing. After a while the tests concluded that the torch had been overcome with severe heat exposure which had melted it. The witness remained confused after the alien encounter, he wanted to know why the female alien had made such a point about him never revealing the design of the Logo on there clothing and UFO. He was never able to figure it out, but I suspect that they just wanted to remain anonymous. It's a strange story, and if true, it appears that the witness may have come into contact with a human looking alien race called the Pleiadians.
Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Alien Races Species Quick Name List

Here is a list of alien races / Species names that some people think exist either on Earth, on other known planets, or somewhere else in the universe. It's an interesting list, most of which I have never heard of before. It's by no means a complete list of all the alien races out there but it definitely opens your eyes to the sheer amount of alien species that may exist somewhere out there.

There is said to be 57 or 58 different alien species, but the number could actually be far greater. Some, but not all of the names used here could be different names or different species of the same race for the more commonly known aliens. Such as there are quite a few different types of grey aliens and some have different names etc. See alien species with pictures.

ALLGRUULK - A type of Reptilian

KIILY TOKURT - Human looking alien race


KYLLIMIR-AUK - Animal looking alien

KURS - Insect in appearance

HAV-HANNUAE-KONDRAS - Unfriendly aliens

MAZAREK - They look similar to the greys

AL-GRUUALIX - Look like Reptilians.

RAMAY - Human looking alien with a high cone head

MOOVIANTHAN-KAYPHIK - Similar to the greys

RAK - Monster like alien

THE INVISIBLES - Shadow like aliens



- Possibly another name for the Tall Whites, which some believe are the Men In Black when in human form


- They are said to be friendly aliens but they look scary. With Human 'skull like' heads.



- Not friendly

MAGELL - Reptilian in appearance and said to be friendly

AKART - Another 'Grey like' alien

MAITRE - Evil Aliens


- Human looking aliens


- Medusa looking aliens



AFIM - Grey alien with black eyes

SOLIPSI-RAI- Grey Aliens




AIRK - More grey like aliens

VINNYTVARY - Human looking


- Human looking with strange eyes




- Insect like




- Shape Shifters


- Not a friendly race

MATRAX - Human / Insect like with very long heads

TISAR-3 - Some Human features but with lizard / reptilian eyes

ELLINA - Small Elf like aliens

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Weird UFO Sighting In Costa Mesa CA

Very strange UFO sighting in Costa Mesa. If you look really closely at the first UFO, which looks like a solid metallic object, underneath it you can see another object which appears to be hovering round the bottom of the UFO. And then what about the other UFO at around the 30 second mark that goes straight past. It seems like these UFOs are part of a team. What are they up to.. The last UFO seems to morph, change shape before our very eyes. It's unclear from the footage whether the last UFOs are actually the ones seen earlier on in the clip. An excellent sighting. Very strange that's for sure.

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